UT 01-January-2020

OSA: D.G. Huerta

ISp: C. Bolyard

Mtn Manager: M. Wagner

ISA: B. Rothberg (Tucson)

Night Center: 00:23

GOALS: continue AGW3 checks

UT 00:36 - LUCIs init and test darks taken - closed for high humiduty, fog

UT 06:07 - enclosure opening

-going to pointing star then collimation somewhere overhead then will proceed to testing changes in values for LUCI_R.cfg

-can't do a rotator ZP right now because all of the masks are either set or have yet to rise above 30 deg elevation

UT 06:22 - either pointing is bad or clouds are thicker than they look...

UT 06:27 - new pointing star - getting there...

UT 06:36 - pointing done

UT 06:37 - moving to collimate - on axis - collimation converging faster with DX

-seeing 1.2-1.5" in guider/WFS both sides

-diverging on SX, recollimating after clearing after optics

-ironically, DX is looking really good

-collimation struggling again, dome seeing likely a cause

UT 06:51 - cleared active optics on DX

-Collimation here should show on-axis cutout info

UT 06:56 - Going to BS9126, guiding off-axis on GS1 (R=13.7 r=55.3")

- checking to see how cut out changes as I progress outwards diagonally from center of field, not changing any paramters yet

-right wfscimage #000048-000063

-both sides struggling on collimation

UT 07:05 - BS9126 GS7 (R=14, r=137.5")

-right wfscimage #000064-000075

UT 07:09 - BS 9126 GS 13 (R=13.2, r=216.3") - z9 runaway

-clearing active optics on DX, now z5/z6 runaway

-right wfscimage #000076-000084

UT 07:15 - BS9126 GS 14 (R=11.1, r=221.8")

-right wfscimage #000085-000097

-clearing active optics DX, but z6 running away again

-panicked DX secondary - recovering

UT 07:20 - BS9126 GS 5 (R=14, r=105" but along Y-axix)

-didn't find star, sending again on-axis

-didn't find star on-axis

-sending acquire on BS9126 - we might be so out of focus from previous active presets that didn't collimate well

UT 07:25 - BS9126 GS 5 (R=14, r=105" but along Y-axix)

-right wfscimage #000098-000110

UT 07:31 - handing over to TSIP

Five items to consider fixing cutout issue: TO DO NEXT TIME
LUCI_R.cfg parameters Original Value Change Result
WFS_pupil_shift_x (float) 1    
WFS_pupil_shift_y (float) -1    
WFS_pupil_dir_x (int) 1    
WFS_pupil_dir_y (int) -1    
WFS_r_to_pupil_shift 0.19    

JMH tried all five of those variables on 20200107, and none of them helped - they all made a worse pupil shift.

-- BarryRothberg - 01 Jan 2020
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