UT 31-December-2019

Technical time taken out of D-time for first half for checkout on AGW3@RFBG


Night Center 00:22
  • AGW 3 Checkout
    • DONE Send an acquire preset to do pointing check
    • DONE Send an active on-axis collimation preset
      • If collimation is poor compared to AGW1 - see BG Tech procedures
      • If collimation appears good continue
    • DONE Send an active off-axis preset and collimate
      • Is the guidestar moved to the hotspot correctly?
      • Is collimation proceeding OK
      • S-H spots centered?
      • If AGW3 appears to collimate, stars are centered in S-H spots, and collimation ~ AGW1 proceed
    • DONE Center of rotation check https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/BGTechProcedures#Adjust_probe_position_so_the_guiding_hotspot_is_on_the_rotator_axis.
    • Rotator ZP with LUCI-2 - use TSIP mask 1B (1A on LUCI-1 optional)
    • Updated PCSInstrument.conf
    • AGW Transform (Bino) - Stone D or Stone E - requires seeing 1.5" or better at WFS (RA 01-07 hrs for first half)
ROLL OVER to UT-31-December 2019


OSA: J. Williams

ISp: E. Solheid

Mtn Manager: M. Wagner

ISA: B. Rothberg (Tucson)

Technical Expert: J. Hill (Tucson)

UT 00:35 - closed due to clouds

UT 01:18 - still closed for clouds - Allsky troubleshooting under way, also IIFGUI log is not updating (but IIF commands are OK)

UT 01:52 - P. Kubanek working on IIF issue, but we lost FACSUM and weather info too (statserv seems stale/incorrect) - clouds seems marginally thinner, but we can't open right now due to software troubleshooting


UT 04:16 - opening up enclosure

- going to do pointing first, then collimate on-axis

UT 04:23 - sending pointing prest - going to 4th mag star - check flux

-found star on the right, nothing on the left

UT 04:34 - found stars both sides

UT 04:36 - move to on-axis star to collimate, R=11.2

UT 04:42 - blobs in both WFSs - uncertain if SH spots are centered on AGW3, will wait for collimation

-getting FWHM 1.9 in guider and 1.3 in WFS on left, right is 1.6 and 1.2 - but not sure the SH spots are centered

Centering guiding_hotspot

UT 04:48 - going to try moving the hotspot - via https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/BGTechProcedures#Procedure_for_adjusting_the_guiding_hotspot_so_the_light_from_the_star_goes_into_the_S_45H_wfs_40draft_of_20151025_41

-stopping and restarting GCS right

-resend active preset to this star on right

-in GCSGUI right guide control clicked NO send zernikes to PSF (keep in mind, if resend preset it will reset values you put in GCSGUI guide control to default values)

--Goal is to get the average SH spot well centered

-start moving in Y, original value=254, moving to 259

--looks better, moving to Y=264 (i.e. right_wfscimage000035.fits)

-moving to Y=269

-moiving to Y=274 (i.e. 00042)

-clearing active optics on Primary DX - to get rid of gunk

-moving to Y=279

-moving to Y=284 - got an error saying WFS Blocked GS close to edge

Need to fix cutout -we are offset

--in LUCI_R.cfg edit:

WFScam_hotspot_x and _y - original values are 168.8 248.0,

bring up a full image WFS and use the circle in DS9 to eyeball a centered circle and read coords of center

- measured values are 159.6, 224.3, save LUCI_R.cfg

-Restart GCS right, send active preset to same star again

-resuming movement of spots, Y=284, WFS shows paused, putting Y=270 to see if it unpauses, still paused

UT 05:11 - think there's a bug that if we bump into limit of hotspot it pauses or throws up errors, resending active preset on the right

- think this is BR's fault for moving to many pixels at once

-editing LUCI_R.cfg at new position to start with Y=274.0 (orig value Y=254.0)

-Stopping GCS right and restarting, and clear active optics

-clearing active optics on the secondary

-moving to Y=279,then 284, again same thing, GS close to edge

-changing guidecam_hotspot_y from 274 to 289 in LUCI_R.cfg, resending preset

UT 05:20 - NOTE: when blocking zernikes, need to click NO twice, once after preset and then after it puts star into hotspot

-moving to Y=294 (not sure this is improving), moving to Y=299 - this caused another GS close to Edge error in GCSGUI

--have we gone wrong way?

UT 05:25 - Going to guidecam_hotspot_y = 244 in LUCI_R.cfg - we may have a Y flip too in AGW3

--OK this does look a bit better

-moving to Y=240

-moving to Y=236

-moving to Y=231 - got

Have to change both:
maxHotspotfromProbe to 2.5 (from 0.5)

and maxOffsetToHotspot = 2.54 (from 0.54)

also updating guidecam_hotspot_y = 231.0

-letting 1-2 cycle of zernikes applied

-moving to Y=226

-setting active optics gains for Z9/Z10 = 0 (DX)

-moving to Y=221

--letting zernikes go through (Z9/Z10 suppressed should prevent runaway)

-stopping zernikes, setting Y=216

--clearing active optics on primary

-letting a few zernike cycles through

--cleared active optics

UT 05:45 - clearing active optics on primary and secondary

z5 went wonky - clearing active optics

--A. Cardwell checking with Illya to see if PEPSI can use these conditions - we are running into limits of what we can do. DIMM is 1.5-2", WFS/guider on SX is 1.2-1.5" on average

--this is likely that SX and DX local dome seeing are different

Adjusting wfs pupil shift parameters

-- in /home/lbto/wfsc/idl/agw

-editing agw_define.pro - fixing pupil position

--use WFScam_hotspot_x and _y to put those values into agw.params[i].wfsc.pupil_x_on_axis = 159.6 and _y_on_axis = 224.3 (in agw_define.pro)

--uncertainty in WFScam_hotspot_sext_x and _sext_x --> this is how the lenslets are glued on to the chip, WFScam_hotspot_x and _y are the projected X,Y position on the chip

--saved update to agw_define.pro, now start up IDL

run IDL to plot positions

IDL> iif_register,RFBG

IDL> gcs_wfsc_display - this will display the last wfscimage

--when everything is centered up, obscuration should be in box 7,7 on IDL plot

--clear active optics on primary and secondary

-trying collimating with IDL:

stop WFS on GCSGUI

IDL> collimate_once, /send_zern, /dont_ask

-running by hand collimation on DX

--moving hotspot to Y=214

adding to agw_define.pro agw.params[i].wfsc.pupil_y_on_axis = 237.7

-running IDL collimation again

-Its more or less aligned with IDL, but need to translate to this to LUCI_R.cfg

-moving hotspot X=284 - looks a bit worse, moving to X=281

-collimating with IDL for now

-moving hotspot to X=280

UT 06:21 - checking this movement is correct, moving to X=278 to see how far off we force it

-this looks ok, taking another exposure, second exposure looks like its too far right, nudge to left move hotspot X=277.5

-now looks a bit hight, moving hotspot to Y=215

-Now to figure out lenslet position

--IDL agw_define.pro and LUCI_R.cfg values for lenslet are same (lenslet in IDL and _sext for LUCI_X.cfg)

-changing WFScam_hotspot_sext_x and _y to 60.0, 137.0

--this is critical because if you are half a lenslet off - the algorithm fails for finding the spots.

--changing cutout in LUCI_R.cfg: WFScam_hotspot_y = 237.6

UT 06:36 - stopping/restarting GCS - moving to rotator check on hotspot

Aligning AGW3 Probe to Rotator Center


ptincrement 0 for left, 1 for right

hotspot is set to X=277.5, Y=215.0

-measure with DS9 x=139.0, y=100.9

-correct for binning --> x=278,y=201.8

DETSEC = [16:536,40:508] (add 15 and add 39)

-correcting for DETSEC, x=293, y=240.8

-shift X = -11.5 ; Y= -25.8

convert the desired correction from pixels to arcsec to mm (1 pixel = 1/20 arcsec for Potsdam AGw; 0.600 mm per arcsec)

this converts to X = -0.345mm and Y = -0.774mm

ROT axis has approximately 68 counts/mm (X), therefore ROT = -23.46 counts

RAD axis --> -0.774 *1000 (to get to microns), = -774

But we need to account for flips for AGW3 --> so this should be ROT= 23.46 counts and RAD= 774 (taking into account decreasing RAD moves to larger Y values we want to move to smaller Y values)

-need to update oacontrol.conf

edit (make copy of last line)


homeoffset = 130806 + 23.46 (old + new) = 130829 (full integer) - keep the other item (,&1Q40)


ooffset = 417020 (old value) + 774 = 417794 (keep the other item ,&1Q37)

execute rdwrconfig -u [#] on oac computer

-Restart GCS, resending preset

DS9 measurement, X=143.8 Y=90.9

correcting for binning and detsec X=302.6, Y = 220.8

hotspot is set to X=277.5, Y=215.0

-went the wrong way in X.

-fix the sign in X


homeoffset = 130806 - 23.46 (old + new) = 130783 (full integer) - keep the other item (,&1Q40)

UT 07:25 - Rotation check complete

-going to check now with an off-axis guidestar

-Looks good

-still have Rotator Zp to do and AGW transform

Handed over to TSIP for second half

Addendum, not quite over yet

-the SH spot cutout (a.k.a. pupil shift) is now shifted again, updated WFS_pupil_shift_x from -1 to +1 in LUCI_R.cfg - but the OSA killed the preset - reverted to old value of -1

UT 08:16 - edit LUCI_R.cfg - WFS_pupil_shift_x to +1

Four items to consider fixing cutout issue:

WFS_pupil_shift_x (float)

WFS_pupil_shift_y (float)

WFS_pupil_dir_x (int)

WFS_pupil_dir_y (int)

also WFS_r_to_pupil_shift

also looking at WFS_probeRotationFactor (see IT 5142) -this value was +1 on AGW3 on LUCI-1 July 2018

-now checking in agw_define.pro for the same or similar factor

-since IT 5142 fixed, LUCI-1 collimates robustly.

To Be Continued Tomorrow

-- BarryRothberg - 31 Dec 2019
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