UT 30-December 2019

Technical time taken out of D-time for first half for checkout on AGW3

Night Center 00:22
  • AGW 3 Checkout
    • Send an acquire preset to do pointing check
    • Send an active on-axis collimation preset
      • If collimation is poor compared to AGW1 - see BG Tech procedures
      • If collimation appears good continue
    • Send an active off-axis preset and collimate
      • Is the guidestar moved to the hotspot correctly?
      • Is collimation proceeding OK
      • S-H spots centered?
      • If AGW3 appears to collimate, stars are centered in S-H spots, and collimation ~ AGW1 proceed
    • Center of rotation check https://wiki.lbto.org/Commissioning/BGTechProcedures#Adjust_probe_position_so_the_guiding_hotspot_is_on_the_rotator_axis.
    • Rotator ZP with LUCI-2 - use TSIP mask 1B (1A on LUCI-1 optional)
    • Updated PCSInstrument.conf
    • AGW Transform (Bino) - Stone D or Stone E - requires seeing 1.5" or better at WFS (RA 01-07 hrs for first half)
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-- BarryRothberg - 29 Dec 2019
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