UT 12-December-2019

OSA: D.G.Huerta

ISp: C. Bolyard

Mtn Manager: T. Forsyth

ISA: B. Rothberg (Tucson)
AO: D Miller, G Taylor (Tucson)

Special Guest stars: J. Hill, J. Christou (Tucson)

SOUL Commissioning

UT 00:34 - LUCIs init - test dark taken, L1 N30 fieldstop aligned, going to AO 51 pointing and collimation. R=8

UT 00:39 - still too bright for poiting, but we are ready to go

UT 01:19 ~ 2 mags of extinction

L 0001-0002 - 2,51 SEC DARK

L1 0009 - test exposure

Seeing started high...got to about 1" now (UT 03:32) trending back upwards.

UT 07:02 - completed SOUL - handing over for OSCO - see D. Miller's AO log for more information


UT 07:09 - sending preset HD 34066

UT 07:10 - L1 0079-0098

-loop is causing a 220Hz oscillation (issue for Arcetri)

-loops are opening and taking time to close and this time is > integration and dither, loops should remain closed while we dither because we are on-axis in the patrol field

-every dither is sending a pause AO loop to the AO system

- will need to start Gopt and then run again and re-optimize gain

-sending preset to AO 173 R=7.5 - similar brightness to OSCO star - will setup manually to see if same issue occurs

L1 0099-0109

-also seeing elongation - same behavior as before

UT 07:53 - 127Hz vibration, 230Hz vibrations are seen

UT 07:56 - Winds hit the limits (22m/s) - about to close

-D. Miller investigating why loops are paused (they should not be)

UT 07:57 - closing up - LUCIs in safe config

UT 09:49 - still closed - winds around 20-22 m/s

UT 12:17 - OPENING - see ARGOS night log for details

Contingency Engineering

AGW Transform -

Need to update LUCI-1 RotZP by -0.4

Stone E 07:13:47, +00:13:09 Stone_Em135_0.list 26 stars PA= -135

StoneE1 alternative 07:13:44 00:12:55

-- BarryRothberg - 13 Dec 2019
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