UT 07-Dec-2019 - Eng/D Contingency for 2nd half

Night Center: 0017

Handover delayed until 01:15 local time - due to SHARC-VIS testing

LUCI-2 / AGW-4 Unavailable until further notice
  • LUCI-1 RT ZP checks
  • LUCI-1 AGW Transform

Log of ARGOS/E second half

OSA: J Williams
  • First half: SHARK team in Italy + Amali, Steve, Emily and one other LBTI person.
  • Second half: ARGOS (Gustavo, Shane) and LBTO-E/D fillers (Olga)

  • M67 mask alignment done. With 9 stars, the fit was excellent (rms < 0.05"), however in the confirmatory image, the stars were not centered in the boxes. Note added the next day: The confirmatory image has PA=0.74 - I took 2 datasets and made 2 alignments and I inadvertently sent the sum of the offsets. That can explain why the stars were not centered in the boxes on the confirmatory image. The dtheta was 0.37 deg. I realized that I had not taken the confirmatory image for the M52 mask observed yesterday - the fit result was consistent with what was obtained for this mask in September, but the offsets were not sent and a confirmatory image was not taken.
  • Two alignment stars near the center of the M67 field were observed through the N30 field stop mask. Similar to one of the tasks which Jenny had drawn up. This was repeated twice. Although clouds were a factor, the stars are visible on two images.

07:15 The SHARK/LBTI team handed over early. There were thick clouds at sunset, but at 04:35 UT the enclosure was opened, and they worked until 07:15 UT. They worked through clouds, though it was pretty clear at one point. They had to run at 1kHz only because of some problems implementing the filter needed to reject vibrations seen at higher rates (only very recently implemented for SOUL/LBTI), but still had more modes than before SOUL, I think.

07:21 Closed for thick clouds.

Set LUCIFER left rotator zeropoint back to its original value (-187.315) and Josh restarted PCS.

02:55 Opening the enclosure.

03:10 Collimated at M67 field - seeing ~1". Will check left RZP by doing M67 mask alignment.

03:14 L1 M67 acq script sent. luci1.20191207.000N.fits
  • (sky,obj,mask) = (1,2,3)
  • Alignment results:
    • mask-to-detector: X-shift, Y-shift, Angle = 35.8, -19.9, 0.1039
    • rotation matrix: x-shift, y-shift, dtheta = 1.13479, Y-shift = -1.04191, dtheta = 0.36899 with errors 0.03127,0.04643 as and using 9 stars.

03:30 the beamsplitter cube was not parked and Gustavo fortunately is here and moved it.

03:37 want to take the series acq images without the cube.
  • (sky,obj,mask) = (6,7,8)
  • Results:
    • mask-to-detector: X-shift, Y-shift, Angle = 35.5, -19.2, 0.1043
    • rotation matrix: x-shift, y-shift, dtheta = 1.11512, -1.17185, 0.37459 with errors 0.03, 0.04" and 9 stars.
  • However, on the confirmatory image, 9, the stars are all in hte lower right corners of their boxes.
    • Note added the next day: From the image headers, it is clear that image 9 was taken with the rotational offset from the first alignment using images 1,2,3 and the second alignment using images 6,7,8. Image 9 has POSANGLE = 0.74358 deg. This can easily explain why the stars were not centered in the boxes.
    • send -1.2" 0.48" and dtheta=0 based on what is needed to center the star in the upper left in box (image number 10, e.g. - manually took images and did not change from Normal save_mode).
      • the result was to center the stars near the upper left (image 35 is one of the set)
    • next tried dtheta = 0.08 (0.375+0.08 = 0.455) to see whether that helps. Result is ambiguous on first look. (The last image saved was 61, but the stars are still not well-centered).

04:07 Clouds closing in.

04:07 Try a single snapshot of this same field but adjusted to have 2 of the stars near the center in the N30 FS. This should be similar to aligning two stars in the longslit.
  • 62 - this image is good, clearly showing the 2 stars.
  • 63 mask in turnout just for a reference, to verify that these two stars are the ones in the central boxes of the M67 astrometric mask.
04:20 Clouds came in quickly and the guide star is blinking in and out. Closing up.

05:09 Opened again to try another MOS alignment and check
  • TSIP Mask 4 - gs 13.55 cannot be seen
  • M67 a slightly offset pointing to get the 2 stars in N30 better - gs 12.8 and barely seen, but it is guiding and WFSing.
    • image 64 - guide star lost during the 60-sec exposure and nothing visible.
    • image 65
    • image 66 - two stars are visible in the subtraction - 66 minus 65.

-- BarryRothberg - 06 Dec 2019
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