Engineering Plan for UT 06-Dec-2019 - 16-Dec-2019

  • LUCI
    • Verify rotator zeropoints using M52 (until 07:30-08:00) and M67 (from ~08:15) masks first - 0.5 hrs - high priority
      • Verify for both LUCI1 and LUCI2. One/only check with LUCI1 on Nov 17/18 indicated larger-than-expected dtheta, =0.5 deg.
      • LUCI-1 M52 Astrometric Mask Scripts
        • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/LUCI_RT_ZP/ RM507-1-3
        • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/LUCI_RT_ZP/ RM507-5/4
          • L1 script: M52_Astro_Mask_L1.xml
          • OT file: LUCI_MOS_Astrometric_Mask_RotZP.xml
      • Tests to track down Luci1 zeropoint issues:
        • PSFalign. Confirm pupil alignment
        • Track preset, offset a star up and down a slit to determine angle + zero point. The track preset will make sure independent of transform. PixelFlat _30 is 30 arcsec wide longslit so have ref for detector
        • On M52 field (or M67) align longslit along 2 known stars. Since the alignment works for LUCI2, this will help rule out an issue with the mask holder itself. Suggest M52 center at 23:24:37.447, +61:38:22.97:

          INS.TARG113.ALPHA 232437.601
          INS.TARG113.DELTA +613726.640
          REFTARG35.ALPHA 232437.252
          INS.REFTARG35.DELTA +613916.72

          with a PA of -1.302
    • Transform Data Collection - 1-1.5 hours
      • AGW4/LUCI-2 Confirmatory transform (if not taken already) - 1 hour, priority very high [still awaiting transform to be installed]
      • New AGW-1/LUCI-1 transform collection - due to discovery of ~0.46 rotator ZP offset recently discovered
    • OSCO - SOUL-SX evening twilight, could happen more than once per night - priority medium - (during SOUL blocks)
    • LUCI pseudo-speckle observations - 1 hour - D. Thompson - only if no other tasks can be done and L1-ESM available.
      • Call Dave when this is next on the todo list
      • Scripts in RemoteOps machines:
        • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019 (32bit machines)
        • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019. (64bit machines)
      • AO/ESM on LUCI-1, (SL on LUCI-2)
      • 3 sources availble (observe only 1)
      • Requires GEIRS with SRR mode, cube-saved mode, sub-array readouts
  • LBC
    • Superfoc sequences (at least in the default filters) at 0, 180 deg position angle - 1 hour, priority medium
  • MODS
    • MODS dual imaging sky flats (Jenny says MODS needs more sky-flat data. See script from the start of 20191127 UT)
  • Photometric Standard stars (any seeing - only if clear) - LUCI, LBC, MODS (priority order).
    • LUCI: Zeropoints (clear - any seeing) - requires min 2 airmass visits - all night
      • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Nov_2019/LUCI_ZP/ RM507-5/4
      • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Nov_2019/LUCI_ZP/ RM507-1-3
    • MODS - do all spectroscopic modes: direct/dual and grating/prism and do imaging: direct and dual.
  • LBCB+LUCI2: Verify mixed-mode use with dithering and guiding (all combos)
    • can be done in any conditions
    • Newly created scripts for Dec E time are in obsN:~/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Eng_Dec_MixedMode
  • ESM testing first half UT Dec 8, UT Dec 9
    • 3-5 hours first night - go to AO stars - D. Miller will take care of targets
    • 2-3 hours will need LUCI scripts - revisit same fields as before - will need bino SX/ESM - DX/SL luci scripts
      • M52 K, H, and J will be observed as the ESM verification on-sky (to compare with FLAO data taken previously)
    • can include LUCI-pseudo-speckle observations

Poor Weather or Backup Programs:

  • H-band Library - 10 targets visible over entire night - 0.5hr per target with overheads
    • For poor seeing >1.8" and/or 3+ mags of extinction, README file in directory
    • Highest Priority are M-stars
    • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/H_band_Library/ - RM 507-5/4
    • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/H_band_Library/ - RM507-1-3
  • CO Bandhead of Local Mergers - G210 K-band (CWL 2.27 or 2.3 microns) flexible conditions
    • 10 targets visible over entire night 0.5-1hr per target depending on conditions and if mono/bino
    • Readme file provides info on visibilities and priorities
    • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/Local_Mergers - RM507-5/4
    • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/Local_Mergers - RM507-1-3
  • Arp 187 LS - Bino LUCI - G200 HKspec (CWL 2microns) -Dead AGN followup - observable (start collecting data) from 10:30pm-2:15am (local time) - 1hr with overheads
    • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Nov_2019/LocalMergers on RM507-5/4
    • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Nov_2019/LocalMergers on RM507-1-3
  • ICRF3 USNO followup - flexible conditions - 25min per target Bino-LUCI (zJ LUCI-1 HK LUCI-2) -
    • Goal is to obtain spectroscopic redshifts for a new ICRF catalog (verify they are AGNs and not MW stars)
    • 18 targets (as of now) with 13.2 < J < 17.1
    • Can be done in any conditions
    • Designed for fraternal zJ(L1) and HK(L2) G200+1"slit, but LUCI-1 zJ only is sufficient backup
    • If one can see at least 2 bright emission lines - then object is complete. If conditions are really poor, take extra exposures
    • Scriptss are located in:
      • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/ICRF3 - RM507-5/4
      • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Poor_Weather_Backup/ICRF3 - RM507-1-3
      • finder charts are in J-band from 2MASS images
      • OT file: ICRF3_LUCI.xml

D-time Programs:

  • Eta Carina Analogs - 5 hours - Bino MODS - M. Edwards - Requires Dark Time
    • DONE M33-1 MODS1 red + MODS2 red (no dichroic); Blind Offset
    • DONE N2403-4 MODS1 red + MODS2 red (no dichroic); both Direct Acq and Blind offset depending on cloud cover
    • N2403-5 MODS1+ MODS2 Twin Dual Grating - visible 9pm onwards
    • M33-7 MODS1 + MODS2 Twin Dual Grating - visible until 2am
      • For VERY GOOD SEEING (<0.8" or less):
        • A folder exists with 0.8" slits
        • A folder exists with 1" slits.
        • The prioritized list is 1. M33-1 (blind offset), 2. N2403-4 (direct acq), 3. N2403-5, 4. M33-7
      • For CLOUDS and MEDIAN SEEING (1"):
        • A folder exists with 1" slits.
        • HOWEVER please excute the BLIND ACQ of N2403-4 (blind offset).
        • Please double the total exposure time (i.e. 900s * 8)
      • Calibrations:
        • Red grating calibrations for MODS1 & MODS2
        • Blue grating for MODS1
        • Biases
        • Standard:a few options are provided, but may depend on what other objects are executed in the night
  • Comet Borisov - Bino MODS - UT Dec 14 (4am local time) - executed after LBTI hands the telescope back to LBTO
    • 3x500 second exposures - 2.4" slit
    • Files located in /home/lbto/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/Borisov on OBS-N machines

Closed Dome Activities:

  • LUCI activities - D. Thompson

Other Activities:

  • SHARC-VIS testing 1 hr - UT Dec 7, backup UT Dec 11 - split between SOUL and ARGOS/Eng time.
    • UT Dec 7 not used (handed back to LBTO Eng)
    • Contingeny uncertain
  • LBTI 5 hr block - UT Dec 14 2nd half - handback to LBTO at 4am local time
  • ESM Scripts
    • Highest Priority is M52, if completed and time, run HCG31
      • if M52 can't be run, others are equally useful (Doug may have a preference for AO Ref stars, values are 10 < Rmag < 16)
      • M67 is 2nd half of night. Run this in case ESM is tested instead of ARGOS
    • ESM_Readme.txt contains info
    • Scripts labeled with AO Ref star mags in them.
    • Mixed mode is already made, if new files are generated from the OT see "mixed_ao.txt" for help to edit them
    • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/ESM_SOUL_Testing/ - RM507-5/4
    • /home/observer/share/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/ESM_SOUL_Testing/ - RM507-1-3
  • ARGOS Scripts
    • Each target is in its own sub-directory, some targets have multiple AO Ref stars to test different brightness
    • Scripts have been pre-edited to created SX-ARGOS and DX-SL binocular scripts
    • If scripts need to be regenerated, they need to be hand-edited. Instructions on how are in the file: mixed_ao.txt
      • Run a binocular collimation script first if doing mixed mode bino
    • /home/observer/share/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/ARGOS_Scripts/ RM507-5/4
    • /home/observer/Service_Observing/Eng_Dec_2019/ARGOS_Scripts/ RM507-1-3

Logs of Eng Activities:

-- BarryRothberg - 23 Nov 2019
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