Commissioning PEPSIPOL Active Optics in Parallel with PEPSIPOL science 20190504 UT



02:19 UT bino - ACQUIRE preset

Had to collimate right side with IDL as GCSR runs away.

changed scale_Z7, but confused myself because that was the wrong variable. Need sextScale_Z7

Change DX Z6 Global to 0, but the problem was a runaway and not a zenith flat.

Stop and restart both GCSs to be sure the PEPSIPOL_L_RM_sub11.cfg files were read.

03:32 UT

03:45 UT Ilya sending RADEC offsets to center the star on the fiber.
SX 10 5 DX 9 3

04:06 UT - change SX sextScale_Z9 from +0.5 to -0.5. SX PEPSIPOL active optics converged fine until it got to the non-hex corrections and Z9 ran away. Now it is a pretty good match with IDL, but they don't agree on the fine details of coma.

Conditions are fabulous with photometric sky and guider FWHM of 0.5 arcsec.

04:20 UT - Somehow when Ilya offsets the telescope to put the star on the fiber, the guide star gets lost. Maybe this was because he also changed the hotspot. While adjusting the guiding hotspot is essential to aligning the star on the fiber with PEPSIPFU, the guiding hotspot must not be adjusted for PEPSIPOL. The reason is that GCS tries to move the guide probe when the hotspot updates.

Rather than sending RADEC offsets, Ilya should send DETXY offsets. BUT he already has his RADEC code working for compensating Foerster Prism rotations, so maybe this is something to improve later. Tomorrow night we should work out the DETXY offset that put the star close to the fiber so that this can be the PCS preset default hotspot (LEFTPOINTINGORIGIN/RIGHTPOINTINGORIGIN).

04:30 UT - Collimating DX with IDL.

05:30 UT - DX PEPSIPOL change sextScale_z6 from -0.9 to 0.9
- DX PEPSIPOL change sectScale_z5 from -0.9 ot 0.9 (not completely sure if these took effect as we didn't restart GCS)
Need to continue these DX active tests tomorrow night.

IDL "cow" column is not OK at the Raw column, but we don't care very much about that.


06:20 UT begin switch to PFU/PFU

Tested the latest version of NonsiderealSupport/ which successfully avoids the star image in the reflected half of the PFU guider.

07:02 UT - IDL RPFU seems to have the wrong sign for Z7, Z8, Z9, Z10. GCSR converges OK. LPFU is OK.

07:09 UT - GCS and IDL have a slightly wrong DX pupil position (too far right).

-- JohnHill - 05 May 2019
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