PEPSIPOL AGW3/4 alignment UT 20190118

OSA: J. C. Williams (LBTO)

Observers/ISA: J. Hill (Tucson) plus team PEPSI on the mountain

Software: S. Hooper/P. Kubanek (on-call)


Mtn Manager: M. Wagner


The ARGOS guys were kind enough to give us some bad weather
(3 arcsec seeing and 4 mags of clouds) to check out AGW3 and AGW4
at direct Gregorian for PEPSIPOL tonight (20190118 UT).

We successfully did the following:

02:45 UT Restored the port addresses in AGW4.cfg to get the proper cameras
(IT 7386) for GCS.

02:39 UT Sent an ACQUIRE preset and worked out the pointing for both high and low elevations.

Verified that all 4 cameras work on-sky.

Corrected AGW_name(s) in IDL to AIPAGW3/AIPAGW4.

Had Josh send SYNC ACTIVE presets from IRAF LBTtools/Observe/newpoint.

Had Ilya send SYNC ACTIVE presets from PEPSI.

Verified that Mike's lab-measured guiding hotspots were correct
within 1 arcsec (seeing too bad to align any better).

What did NOT work was Active Optics:

Both AGW3 and AGW4 had runaway coma as if the rotation angle had changed.
This was starting about 03:24 UT with an ACTIVE preset to a 6th mag star.
03:56 UT - coma only runs away on DX (Primary Active Optics gains were set to 0.)

Ilya claims that both AGWs are mounted the same as they were in Oct 2017.

John claims that the PEPSIPOL_?.cfg config files haven't changed
except for new guiding hotspots.

John verified that the correct rotator angle is being read from AGW?.cfg files.

We closed for really thick clouds before solving Active Optics.....

I was in my head convinced that we had used Active Optics with AGW3 in
October 2017. Now reading more carefully the wiki logs for 20170920
and 20171010 UT, I think we never got the Active Optics angles set
because the seeing was too awful on 20170920. Thus Steve and John
must have done eyeball active optics on 20171010 to get the first SX
PEPSIPOL observations. So this task is still to be done. Maybe Doug
will be able to help tomorrow night?

-- JohnHill - 18 Jan 2019
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