Restart Night #2 UT 2018-09-03

OSA: S. Allanson, J. Williams

Observers/ISA: B. Rothberg, J. Hill (Tucson)

ISp: E. Solheid

Mtn Manager: P. Hartley

UT 01:22 - Summit at 90%+ humidity and rain - opening delayed

UT ~02:00+ Troubleshooting of AGW4 continuing. AGW4 is mounted at LFBG while other work is done on AGW1 and AGW3.

UT ~02:30 John swapped guidecam/wfscam images in GCS config AGW4.cfg, fixed cutout on wfscam image in LUCI_L.cfg.

We found tonight that the images from the cameras in AGW4 were exchanged.
e.g. the guide image had lenslets on it.

This probably means that a cable/fiber inside the AGW4 unit is swapped,
although I'm open to other interpretations.

To proceed with other work, I've exchanged the port numbers in AGW4.cfg
(port 2462 swapped with 2472). This config file was certainly not the
cause of the swap, so this should be considered a temporary change until
the actual swapped connection can be sorted out.

Lower left corner of the AGW4 lenslets is at 61,132 (IDL offline preferred 60,131). Adding 8.5*13.38=113.7 gives 174.7,245.7 for WFS_lenslet_edge_x,y.

UT 03:00 Power bumps, heavy rains, troubleshooting. Telescope at horizon as a precaution re: leaks

UT 09:40 - powering up LBCs just in case.

UT 10:26 - shutters open, John working on AGW4 alignment activity from home.

AGW4 wake-up and initial alignment

previous guiding hotspots: SX 242,256 DX 275,243

IE/CA: SX = -94.0/59.0; DX = -146.0/7.0 (with the historical M3 tip-tilt values)

Steve/Josh saw X-flip on paddle (leftover from AGW3@LFBG?)

Acquisition offset signs are correct on both sides.

Guiding signs are correct on both sides.

For the 4D on DX, Doug adjusted M3 Tip,Tilt from -835,0 to -500,-760. We expect a similar offset for RFBG, but haven't applied it yet.

UT 11:14 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 300,243 (old value was 273,125)

UT 11:20 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 325,243 - probe limit reached (why?)

UT 11:2x WFScam_hotspot_x,y 174,243 - now we see lenslets on subimage. Is the GCS subimage cutout determined by WFScam_hotspot_sext_x,y? Now I'm changing both.

UT 11:32 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 200,243

UT 11:35 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 150,243

UT 11:42 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 270,243 (simultaneous eyeball collimation, pupil position and guiding hotspot adjustment)

UT 11:43 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 268,240

UT 11:49 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 270,240

UT 11:50 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 120,243 When I make a change it seems to block the WFS thread from taking more images, but not always. Is there a stepsize threshold related to NS?

UT 11:55 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 150,220

UT 11:59 WFScam_hotspot_x,y 150,215 - roughly correct as seen on GCSGUI. Refined to 163.4, 215.0 the following afternoon.

Need to add AGW4 to IDL. Editted the following afternoon to add AIPAGW4.

Steve and Josh adjusting the guiding hotspot as John's ssh connection from home is too slow for even one GCSGUI (lag is 30-60 sec). Would VNC be faster?

UT 12:10 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 265,240

UT 12:17 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 260,240

UT 12:18 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 255,240 - WFS thread stops updating after a couple of hotspot changes, so we are frequently resending the left side preset.

UT 12:21 guidecam_hotspot_x,y 265,240

UT 12:2x guidecam_hotspot_x,y 242,256 - clouds and impending twilight caused us to close before we got the guiding hotspot correctly adjusted.

/Repository/20180903/GCS/left_wfscimage000279.fits is a nice sky-only wfs image.

UT 12:36 - closed


  • Collimated successfully on DX side
  • Alignment of AGW4 on SX side in progress
  • Pointing Updated (prior to M3 alignment)

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