20180626 UT - finalizing the AGw3 alignment

Observers: JHill, OKuhn, DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Support: (LBTO)
Software Support:
Instrument Support: (LBTO)
Engineering Support: DCox


We completed the AGw3 alignment. We didn't collect a full transform data set, but took some dither images to save time. We are analyzing those images while Andrea starts his LUCI/LUCI observing at 04:57 UT.


DONE Normal pointing correction, then ACTIVE preset in twilight. Collimate with IDL.

DONE Set Probe center position in AGW3 (BGTechProcedures)[0.5 hour, prefer good seeing]

Check location of rotator center on LUCI1. [0.3 hour]

DONE Collect Z9, Z10 collimation data on-axis to refine Zernike rotation angle. [0.5 hour]

DONE Check off-axis guiding and collimation. [0.2 hour] can be part of the transform data set

Collect initial LUCI1 and LUCI2 transform data [1-2 hours, requires good seeing] (We are anticipating data reduction during the night.)

DONE OR alternately make a dither pattern that offsets the on-axis star on LUCI to verify the rotation angle of the present transform.

Confirm new transform data.


Initial Pointing and Collimation

02:45 ACQUIRE preset for LUCI/LUCI.

ACTIVE preset

repeat ACQUIRE to correct DX pointing by ~10 arcsec. Why was this needed?

03:11 ACTIVE preset to BS9162 on-axis - still having some illumination issues from sky on wfs. Steve collimating by eye.

Adjusting probe to put hotspot on rotator center

03:22 guide 0001 binned 179,79.5, unbinned 358,159, detsec 373,198 compare hotspot (279,252)

now increase rot homeoffset to decrease X (accounting for X-flip) want -94 pixels = 4.7 arcsec = 2.82 mm = +192 counts ---> 131137 (previous measurement on 20180622 overshot by 50% because John confused mm and arcsec?) (AND this direction here was wrong!!!!!!!)
decrease ooffset for larger Y want +54 pixels = 2.7 arcsec = 1.62 mm = -1620 microns ---> 417200

in the meantime, Doug is refining the guiding hotspot......

03:44 rdwrconfig -u 3 (on oacontrol), stop and restart GCSL

03:50 guide 0002 binned 211,104.5 unbinned 422,209. detsec 437,248 compare new hotspot (282.5,254) !!! direction at 03:22 was wrong because of John's typo in the previous twiki log
now decrease rot homeoffset to decrease X (accounting for X-flip) want -139 pixels = -6.98 arcsec = -4.185 mm = -243 counts ---> 130894
Previous line contains two math errors that almost cancel. Aaargh!
decrease ooffset for larger Y want +6 pixels = 0.3 arcsec = 0.18 mm = -180 microns ---> 417020

04:03 rdwrconfig -u 3 (on oacontrol), stop and restart GCSL

press stop guiding

move rotator to 0,360

tweak pointing - ptincrement 0 CA -5

move probe - setxy -u 3 -x 0 -y 612.5

take short image with expected error - gcsclient readGuideCam left -e 1000

gcsclient readGuideCam left -e 90000

04:09 guide 0003 90 sec - binned 155.5,108.5 unbinned 311,217 detsec 326,256 compare new hotspot (282.5,254)
now decrease rot homeoffset to decrease X (accounting for X-flip) want -43.5 pixels = -2.18 arcsec = -1.305 mm = -88 counts ---> 130806

meanwhile Doug doing Zernike collect on Z9, Z10 new value is 6.0 degrees - same as the traditional AGW1 value. added to LUCI_L.cfg

04:17 rdwrconfig -u 3 (on oacontrol), stop and restart GCSL put new offset in LUCI_L.cfg

04:27 Olga sending dithering OB on BS9162 from LUCI/LUCI this is to check the transform, and also to verify off-axis guiding. * files are luciN.20180626.00##.fits where ## is the same for both luci1 and luci2 and is
    • ## = 03-07 for the +/-Y dithers (lost the last one as the geirs services were taken over inadvertently)
    • ## = 08-13 for the +/- X dithers

approx position of star on 003 is 1025,1798 -- dithers are +- 90 arcsec

comparison 1" slit image is from 20180522 luci1 0022 luci2 0022 comparison 0.5 slit image is from 20180522 luci1 0121 luci2 0133

Back to science observing

04:57 handover to Andrea for LUCI science observation while we analyze the dither offsets.

-- %USERSIG{JohnHill - 2018-06-26}%
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