20 Jun 2018 UT Eng Night - AGw3 collimation with IDL

03:20 John edited AGW3_WFScam.ini and set the ROI for the WFSC. Default was 260 234 1 1 We needed 512 512 1 1

03:25 collect WFSC dark images for BG subtraction
  • 20180620/GCS/left_wfscimage

We confirmed that our wfs alignment parameters determined this afternoon worked correctly for a bright on-axis guide star. Unfortunately a 15.5 mag guide star is completely overwhelmed by the ~600 hot pixels on the wfs camera.

Doug spent the next 1.5 hours trying to make IDL more clever about subtracting background and ignoring hot pixels. He had some limited success in the sense that we can make some collimation on 15.5 mag stars when the seeing is < 1.0 arcsec. Collimation works fine on 12 mag stars anywhere in the field (after we set zero instrumental gain on Z9, Z10, Z12-21).

Here's the recipe to run IDL collimation. In this version IDL is taking the images, so the GCS wfs loop must NOT be running.

log in to obs2 as user lbto
cd /home/lbto/data/20180620
IDL> iif_register, LFBG
IDL> collimate_once, exp=30., /SEND_ZERN, /SHOW_CENTER
    (click Yes to send the results to PSF if it looks like it found the spots OK, otherwise click No)

-- %USERSIG{DougMiller - 2018-06-20}%
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