PEPSIPOL - 20171010 UT


mostly using PEPSIPOL SX as DX has the AGW problem.

02:05 - 8000 Z6
IE=20 CA=10

02:30 -12000 Z6
See IT 6832 as this was runaway astigmatism from earlier in the night.

SX IE=+26 CA=+4.5 on PEPSIPOL fiber

02:47 SX IE=+26.5 CA=+4.5
DX IE=-18.6 CA=+20.2

02:50 SX ACTIVE preset
commanded x=15.884 y=417.636 (doesn't match pinhole)

02:59 SX ACTIVE preset to new target
commanded x=14.706 y=550.634

GSCR_noAGW set to True

03:24 TRACK/TRACK preset so we can make observations with eyeball active optics.

03:25 restart GCSR

03:56 spurious copointing limit -- see IT 6831

IE flipped, CA OK, but SX/DX rotated 45 deg

A few nights later.....

01:10 on 20171014 UT - SX ACQUIRE preset 0,612.5,br> need to move probe to -4,609.5 to match FVC

Hi Christian, John, Mark,

Open-shutter-time record at LBTO

During the first use of PEPSI-POL for science, we achieved a
shutter-open-time of 91% during the night October 13/14, 2017.
\x93Open-shutter time\x94 is the time when photons are being collected on an
instrument\x92s detector for later scientific use. As far as we know this
is by far the highest at LBTO so far. The total available observing
time from twilight to twilight on October 13/14 was 9 hours and 42
minutes of which 8 hours and 50 minutes were used to expose five
different targets.

Also thanks to our TO Steve!

        K l a u s

-- %USERSIG{JohnHill - 2018-04-13}%
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