Start-up Observing Night 3 20160909 UT

Observers: JHill, DMiller, BRothberg, AVaz (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller
Telescope Support: MWagner (LBTO)
Software Support: KSummers (Tucson)
Instrument Support: ACavallaro (LBTO)
Engineering Support:


Clear at sunset but we remained closed for fog for a long time.


Install TCS Build 2016B


TCS 2016B

We worked on testing the 2016B TCS build closed-dome until midnight.

We tried to look at the LBTI pupil alignment, but couldn't find an illumination where we could understand the image on the WFS.

Pupils Positions vs. M3 Tip-Tilt

Used LED lights on edge of AdSec to measure pupil positions of wfs/WFS with the dome closed.


wfsc 0006 is at nominal angle +1.5 deg
wfsc 0007 is at nominal angle +2.5 deg
wfsc 0008 is at nominal angle +3.5 deg
We liked 3.2 deg (with probe tbd off-axis) but they found a better value of 3.9 degrees in the afternoon.


Likes selector angle of 4.2 degrees above nominal, but we only see two of the four spots (#2 and #3). Our impression is that we want to move Tip to roughly +5000, but that is not a firm conclusion.

To turn on adsec lamps

You need to log on the adsec control computer (with user flao), open an "aoidl" session and give the following commands:

[flao@adsecdx ~]$ aoidl
IDL> @startup-onlycom
IDL> print, adam_led( 0, /ON)
IDL> print, adam_led( 1, /ON)
IDL> print, adam_led( 2, /ON)
IDL> print, adam_led( 3, /ON)

with number from 0 to 3 and either /ON or /OFF


On LBTI SX CCD39, positive selector angle moves the pupils to the right, and positive tip (m3 more vertical) moves the pupils up.

Open NOT

Fog and/or high humidity continues all night long.

PEPSIPOL PCS Configuration tests (dome closed)

08:16 UT Authorize PEPSIPOL/None using AGw3

xxxxIAA rotates the X,Y coordinates, xxxxZEROPOINT does not.

starting with LEFTIAA=135 LEFTZEROPOINT=0 Flips false true as we ended last night

08:25 ACQUIRE preset to Stone_A1 PA=0 gs=19 --> x=+158 y=+116 rotator=213

08:33 change to false false: ACQUIRE preset to Stone_A1 PA=0 gs=19 --> x=-116 y=-158 rotator=305

08:38 change LEFTIAA from 135 to 45 deg, still false false: ACQUIRE preset to Stone_A1 PA=0 gs=19 --> x=+158 y=-116 rotator=216

08:41 change LEFTIAA from 45 to 0 deg, still false false: ACQUIRE preset to Stone_A1 PA=0 gs=19 --> x=+194 y=+29
change gs from 19 to 16: x=+156 y=+36 rotator=173

08:44 change LEFTZEROPOINT from 0 to 45 deg : ACQUIRE preset to Stone_A1 PA=0 gs=16 --> x=+156 y=+36 rotator=218
change gs from 16 to 15: failed at +71.9,-135 (native +155.5, +574) rotator=219

08:48 changed flips to "true false: failed at -71,-135 rotator=221

08:55 changed flips to "false false": with gs=16
LEFTIAA=-45 LEFTZEROPOINT=0: x=+84 y=+136 rotator=222

08:56 change LEFTIAA=-90 LEFTZEROPOINT=+135 w/gs=16: x=-36 y=+156 rotator=223
with gs=7: x=+56 y=+88 rotator-223

Set both sides of PEPSIPOL to: *false false xxxxIAA=-90 xxxxZEROPOINT=+235


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