LUCI1-AO Comm: 01_Wunit_Transform

06:45 reconfigure from LBCs to LUCI1

07:04 2 2.5-sec darks with LUCI (20160704.0007,8) to check

07:06: Turn off LUCI2 mirror, instrument, readout, since the DX AdSec is not working. LUCI1 authorized on SX, NONE on DX.

07:07: Geno checking pointing and collimation near field.

07:15 (about): Greg readied the AdSec. I launched the script. Immediately I got an error about the Telescope Manager. R7STelescopeManager not found. We tried all the tricks I could think of: on LMS, the Telescope Manager was running. I re-established the TCS connection by stopping the Telescope Service & DataDictionary connector, although telsvc showed that both looked OK. (Telescope mode was "unknown" however - that is not usual, but may be before a preset is received). Geno re-authorized LUCI1 + NONE, and I stopped and restarted the Scheduler. I tried sending both the first preset (ACE) and the 2nd one (TRACK), but got this error always. Given that the time was approaching 12:30, where only a minimal dataset at best could be collected, we turned the telescope back over to the observers.

2016.07.04 07:39:23 s | error high     | luci     | System          | Scheduler       |                 | Error during commit
2016.07.04 07:39:23 s | error medium   | luci     | System          | Scheduler       |      | Error committing setup to telescope manager at "rmi://"!
2016.07.04 07:39:23 s | error high     | luci     | System          | Scheduler       |                          | Bundle file "de.rub.astro.lucifer.operation.telescopeManager.R7STelescopeManager" not found!
2016.07.04 07:39:22 s | user lowest    | luci     | LBT             | TelescopeManage |    | TEL> Only native rotator setup will be committed: false
2016.07.04 07:39:22 s | user highest   | luci     | LBT             | TelescopeManage |    | *** Commit telescope setup.

-- %USERSIG{OlgaKuhn - 2016-07-04}%


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