E-time 20150404 UT

Observers: JHill, DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: DHuerta (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller (Tucson)
Software Support: (Tucson)



Plan for April 4 UT (items could be swapped with following night to optimize personnel)

  • PEPSIPFU wake up (2 hours) - making sure PFUs work with new GCS [JStorm, JHill, software] (time confirmed)
  • "newer" GCS with WFS thread testing RFBG/LFBG (1 hours) [J Hill]
  • AGW2 alignment check (1 hour) [JHill/DMiller]
  • more new Active Optics tests at LFBG (2 hours) [D Miller]
  • M1 crosstalk SX/DX (2 hours) LFBG/RFBG [DMiller]
  • WRS tests on LBC-Blue (and Red) (2 hours) [M Stangalini] (time confirmed)

Backup Programs for Bad Seeing

  • measuring the practical AO patrol field (2 hours, good for poor weather) [D Miller]
  • FBG pointing models (2 hours in bad seeing) [JHill]
  • LBC pointing models (2 hours in bad seeing) [JHill]

April 5 UT

  • Enhanced Seeing Mode observations with LUCI2 (3 hours, seeing < 1.5) [DThompson, DMiller]
  • Test DOFPIA with the subframes shifted to a flatter part of chip [JHill/OKuhn] (low priority)
  • AVAILABLE (7 hours)


  • MODS2 transform check (2 hours, good seeing, waiting for Rick to finish the computations) [DMiller]
  • Possible swap with D-time for LUCI2 checkout
  • LUCI1+LUCI2 asteroid spectroscopy



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