Startup Night 20140911

Observers: DThompson/MEdwards (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
AO Support: JCGuerra
Telescope Support: JUrban (LBTO)
Software Support: MDeLPena, KSummers
Instrument Support: ESolheid (LBTO)
Engineering Support: DAshby


Started in poor weather (high humidity) but finally things improved and we were able to open and complete (pending reduction) all LUCI on-sky tests including IAA (LEFTZEROPOINT) check, transform check, slit acquisition, offsets, guiding, slitscan and some science to test out the end-to-end system function.


04:00 Opened late thanks to humidity

04:15 Starting with pupil alignment checks (0041 dark, 0042-0045 K-band)

04:45 Field alignment (0046 - 0048; K-band, sievemask)

05:00 Configuring for IAA check; checking collimation, etc. Looking very good at 0.7-1"

05:15 Starting IAA Check; Track mode Dice 5 with RA/Dec absolute offsets. This allows us to do a geomap solution in iraf. We want to make sure the angle is = angular offset between the slit and detector

  • /home/observer/00_Scripts/Imaging/dice5_RADEC_100as.img X 4
  • Track mode;
  • PA = 180
Dave's gone off to the data reduction for this. I'm taking next set of data...

05:50 Roughly checking the AGW transform (70-75; 76-81; 82-87; 88-93)

  • /home/observer/00_Scripts/Imaging/dice5_DETXY_100as.img X 4
  • Active mode;
  • PA = 180
Seeing started at subarcsecond -- but as clouds rolled in it increased to 1.5 and became variable.

07:05 Checking acquisition of longslit; checks out ok!

07:30 Clouds moving in; going to try to wait them out.

09:15 Slewing to slitdither target to track large offsets in the slit. Seeing is suddenly ridiculous ~0.5!!

  • /home/observer/LBTO/SciencePrep/slitdither.sci
  • 120" total offset
  • Last image is for sky subtraction
Images: 0122-0141

10:45 Some basic science checkouts with LBTO science targets (longslit acq, dithering, guiding, etc)

Science = 0154 - 0168

Telluric = 0177 - 0178

12:30: Closing
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