Startup Night 9 20140907

Observers (well, tonight, observed only the cal lamp): OKuhn (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
AO Support: JCGuerra
Telescope Support: JUrban (LBTO)
Software Support: MDeLPena, KSummers
Instrument Support: ESolheid (LBTO)
Engineering Support: DAshby

Clouds and Rain. Not open.

MODS1 Collimator TTF measurements at a range of elevations.

modsDisp --debug and ~modseng/pyMODS/modsDisp/ both to yield a list of delay times (similar) which I'll paste at the bottom.

Delays range from about 66 sec to 112 sec. For 66 sec, I notice no delay between when the dashboard exposure control finishes "writing image..." and when the image appears in modsDisp. For 115 seconds, there is a noticeable lag. These are all 1Kx1K images.

on mods1data: tail -f /Logs/ISIS/isis.20140907.log | grep -i imcslock to print the time-stamped lines when the imcslock was issued and when blue and red imcslock was achieved. When imcscommand is issued, log says:
014-09-07T08:59:00.438947 OBS>MC1 imcslock
2014-09-07T08:59:00.938847 MC1>M1.IE RIMCS
2014-09-07T08:59:00.940755 M1.IE>MC1 DONE: RIMCS IMCS_R=OPEN CLGAIN_R=1.00 QCMIN_R=0.20 QCSAMP_R=500 QCNAVG_R=5 TARGET_R=OFF QC1_R=0.112 QC2_R=0.150 QC3_R=0.112 QC4_R=0.115
2014-09-07T08:59:01.440824 MC1>M1.RC SHOPEN -1
2014-09-07T08:59:01.687426 M1.RC>MC1 STATUS: SHOPEN Shutter=1 (Open). Integrating... EXPSTATUS=DONE
2014-09-07T08:59:01.721412 M1.RC>MC1 DONE: SHOPEN Exiting with shutter open. SHCLOSE to close. EXPSTATUS=DONE
2014-09-07T08:59:01.942826 MC1>M1.IE RIMCS CLOSE
2014-09-07T08:59:01.944822 M1.IE>MC1 DONE: RIMCS RIMCS=CLOSE Running close loop
2014-09-07T08:59:02.941630 MC1>M1.IE RIMCS
2014-09-07T08:59:02.942755 M1.IE>MC1 DONE: RIMCS IMCS_R=CLOSE CLGAIN_R=1.00 QCMIN_R=0.20 QCSAMP_R=500 QCNAVG_R=5 TARGET_R=OFF QC1_R=0.112 QC2_R=0.150 QC3_R=0.112 QC4_R=0.115
2014-09-07T08:59:05.442229 MC1>M1.IE RIMCS
2014-09-07T08:59:05.442822 M1.IE>MC1 DONE: RIMCS IMCS_R=CLOSE CLGAIN_R=1.00 QCMIN_R=0.20 QCSAMP_R=500 QCNAVG_R=5 TARGET_R=OFF QC1_R=0.112 QC2_R=0.150 QC3_R=0.112 QC4_R=0.115
When imcs lock is achieved, log says:
line changes to say TARGET=ON...
...2 QC4_R=2.707
2014-09-07T08:59:20.448073 MC1>M1.IE RIMCS OPEN
2014-09-07T08:59:20.449905 M1.IE>MC1 DONE: RIMCS RIMCS=OPEN Running open loop
2014-09-07T08:59:20.948847 MC1>M1.RC SHCLOSE
2014-09-07T08:59:21.450833 MC1>OBS DONE: RED IMCSLOCK Red-Channel IMCS locked-on RedIMCS=LockedOn

LDG rotator set to 207 deg. PA=0 at meridian transit. Actually, from looking at image headers, I see that LDGROT = 207 deg for PA=PARANGLE at any elevation.

Elev 90: 2x imcsTTFs script

Elev 70: 2x

Elev 60: 2x

Elev 50: 2x

Elev 30: 2x

(skipping 25 deg for now, because it is unrealistic to use PA=0 at 25 deg, it would be more like +/-90, and we'll catch that later)

Elev 40: 2x

so far, I've not had a single timeout. Thinking about the timeouts at airmass 2 of a few nights ago, neither one was for an object observed at parallactic angle.

I think that one timeout occurred upon executing the obs script for Fe110 (execMODS -b DualGrating), just before image 110
mods1r.20140902.0110.fits Feige 110 dual grating 27.41125 03:32:35.091 48.93636 0.00000 256.59712 2.17 2014-09-02T11:25:01.458

and another, earlier in the night, somewhere around here:
mods1r.20140902.0039.fits PDS456 27.58156 02:52:31.181 40.40904 55.09000 193.04957 2.16

Elev 60: 2x

Elev 80: 2x

Elev 60: 1x

Elev 25: 1x
  • imcslock with red-only img took 01:04 - did not timeout.
  • imcslock dual grating - red side 01:24 (10:23:06 to 10:24:30)
  • red-only grating 01:03 (10:25:44 to 10:26:47)
  • dual prism red imcslock took 01:04
  • red prism imcslock took 00:46

Elev 60: 1x
  • noticed a jump between 122 and 123 (not uncommon, just noting here)
  • also on 123, a good example of the sieve spots with X extensions that we tend to see
  • dual grating red - imcslock took about 53 seconds (10:46:22.1 to 10:47:15.6)

Elev 60: now with LDGROT = 387 deg (PA=180 at meridian)
  • dual prism red imcslock too 01:24 (11:13:35 to 11:14:59)

Elev 25: LDGROT = 387 deg
  • dual imaging: 11:29:35.6 to 11:30:34.7 (blue) and 11:30:59.2 (red). Took 01:24 for red
  • dual grating red imcs took 01:48, from 11:36:57.38 to 11:38:45.9
  • redonly grating red imcs took 01:36, from 11:39:59.6 to 11:41:35.6
  • dual prism red imcs took 01:37, from 11:45:01.9 to 11:46:38
  • redonly prism red imcs took 01:25, from 11:47:50.9 to 11:49:14.5

Done: Geno slewing to zenith, moving LDG rotator to 210. Putting mods to sleep.

-- %USERSIG{OlgaKuhn - 2014-09-07}%


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