MODS2 Commissioning Night 3 - 20140502 UT

Observers: D. Miller (LBTO), R. Pogge (OSU), O. Kuhn (LBTO), J. Hill (LBTO, Remote from Tucson)
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson (LBTO)
AO Support: D. Miller (LBTO)
Telescope Support: John Little et al. (LBTO)
Software Support: T. Golota, K. Summers (Remote from Tucson)
Instrument Support: J. Power (LBTO)
Engineering Support: D. Ashby, J. Riedl (Remote from Tucson)


Still dusty and we could not open at sunset.

Afternoon Work

Replaced cable to guide camera

A replacement guide camera cable (3-m flexible cable, unlabeled) was installed parallel to the current 3m cable (label: L03) which had apparently failed (See IT5166 for full details). The defective cable is being left in for now because removal would be very difficult on-telescope at this time. The new cable fixed the position-dependent readout failures (dependent on both AGw stage position and telescope position).

Adjusted collimator focus

Adjusted the collimator focus to bring into focus the features on the dome (shutter doors). The swing arm appears not as sharp as for MODS1, but is good enough to proceed. Attached is a before/after WFS image with the guide probe on-axis and telescope at horizon. Focus change was to move the collimator lens about 2.6mm towards the WFS camera. D. Miller and O. Kuhn visually compared images as R. Pogge adjusted the focus inside the camera (this is an "invasive" process that requires taking off the WFS camera head to get at the collimator focus adjustment). D. Miller judged it good enough compared to other WFS cameras on other focal stations. Focusing on the secondary was problematic because of a lack of obvious focus reference features (the swing arms are not in a good position). XY motion of the secondary image on the GRIN array was small, only 1 column of spots, so no further adjustment of XY centering was required. The motion was away from the "right" edge of the GRIN array, keeping us off an edge we were a little close to before. Vertical centration is still excellent.


New Software Tools for MODS2

Beta versions of the two-MODS command and scripting tools have been installed and tested on the modseng account.

mods2Cmd - execute a single MODS2 command (requires that the MODS2 gui is running)
execMODS2 - execute an observation, calibration, or procedure script on MODS2 (eventual alias for execMODS --mods2)
acqMODS2 - execute a target acquisition script on MODS2 (eventual alias for acqMODS --mods2)
mods2View - variant on modsView that shows the new MODS2 guide patrol field and guide probe shadow
isisCmd - execute a low-level MODS data-taking system command. New version requires --mods1 or --mods2 options
modsQuickBias - fast quad/even/odd bias correction for MODS images. Useful for debiasing small snapshot direct images.
mods2Disp - display tool for MODS2 raw data
mods2 - start/stop/status tool for MODS2 (analogous to mods1)

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  • on-axis WFS image before and after focus adjustment:
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