MODS2 Commissioning Night 2 - 20140501 UT

Observers: D. Miller (LBTO), R. Pogge (OSU), O. Kuhn (LBTO), remote from Tucson: J. Hill & M. Wagner
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
AO Support: D. Miller (LBTO)
Telescope Support: J. Urban et al. (LBTO)
Software Support: T. Golota, K. Summers (Remote from Tucson)
Instrument Support: J. Power (LBTO)
Engineering Support: D. Ashby (Remote from Tucson)


Did not open for dust, and later, high winds.

Tested machinery for collecting transform data.

  • Doug tested his IDL script and that it could take MODS2 images using a Unix shell interface command (mods2Cmd) provided by Rick
  • Rick provided a support script to configure the instrument in preparation for taking transform data.
    • ~modseng/modsScripts/Support/
      • Configures instrument in red-only imaging mode, including an explicit imcslock (required for a low-level script like this)
      • ROI: 1K x 1K with 1x1 binning
      • Opens the hatch and resets the AGw stage, retracts any slit mask that might be installed.
    • Before taking transform data:
      • execMODS2
      • execMODS2
      • make sure the filename is set correctly for the UTC date

Note that for MODS2 the command "execMODS2" is provided. A common execMODS/acqMODS/etc. will be tested during MODS2 commissioning
and released only after MODS2 is released for partner observing.

Creating new Stone catalogs:

for collection of transform data

Created catalogs for several Stone fields that were optimized to have many stars within the MODS2 5' x 5' guider patrol field. These catalogs are in /home/lbto/idl/catalogs/Stone/ and may be in svn now. Positions, finding charts and lists for these fields are in, /home/lbto/MODS2Comm/StoneFields. The table below lists a Reference Name, RA,DEC of catalog center, Catalog Name and the finding charts created by modsView (MODS imaging scripts, created to visualize the field, are also in this directory, a screen shot of the output of IDL program used to select these fields ( and the calling arguments and resultant list of Stone stars. NB: The field center output by do_nn is the center of the patrol field. The catalog center is along one of the edges, and the PA = 0,90,180 or 270 was chosen accordingly.

Reference Name RA(J2000) DEC(J2000) Catalog Name modsView FC screenshot of do_nn output List of Stone Stars
Stone_K_PA90 15:36:31.6699 00:18:23.4251 Stone_K3 Stone_K_PA90.png Stone_K_idl.png Stone_K_and_K1_PA90.list
Stone_L_PA270 16:28:24.5435 00:47:09.89868 Stone_L3 Stone_L_PA270.png Stone_L_idl.png Stone_L_PA270.list
Stone_M_PA180 17:50:18.4570 -1:28:58.6019 Stone_M4 Stone_M_PA180.png Stone_M_PA180_idl.png Stone_M_and_M1_PA180.list
Stone_M2_PA0 17:59:35.6104 0:50:00 Stone_M5 Stone_M2_PA0.png Stone_M2_PA0_idl.png Stone_M2_PA0_idl.list
Stone_M3_PA0 18:05:8 01:20:30 Stone_M6 Stone_M3_PA0.png Stone_M3_PA0_idl.png Stone_M3_PA0_idl.list

for astrometry (scale and rotation) of guide camera CCD

Created catalogs for several regions within Stone M that had a relatively high density of stars within the 40" x 40" guide camera FOV, and may be suitable for guide camera astrometry. Of these 3 fields, Mdns2 is the best one, containing stars of a range of magnitudes and well-distributed over the field. These fields each have 7 Stone stars. Denser fields would still be better (such as those in M92).

Reference name RA(J2000) DEC(J2000) Catalog Name modsView FC screenshot of do_nn output List of Stone Stars
Stone_Mdns2_PA0 18:08:23.8 00:17:07.5 Stone_M7 Stone_Mdns2_PA0.png Stone_Mdns2_PA0_idl.png Stone_M_40asec_fields.list
Stone_Mdns1_PA0 18:07:03.79395 00:46:29.7372 Stone_M8 Stone_Mdns1_PA0.png Stone_Mdns1_PA0_idl.png Stone_M_40asec_fields.list
Stone_Mdns3_PA0 18:08:30.55 00:04:15.6 Stone_M9 Stone_Mdns3_PA0.png Stone_Mdns3_PA0_idl.png Stone_M_40asec_fields.list
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