DX Field Data - 20140425 UT

Observers: JStorm, IIlyn (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: DHuerta (LBTO)
AO Support:: DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Support:: JUrban (LBTO)
Instrument Support:: JMorris (LBTO)
Engineering Support: DAshby (Tucson)


Verified that the flexure is very low. Tried to verify that the StepFocus command behaved as expected after modification applied in January (IssueTrak\#5000), but found a new problem. A sign has changed?


02:05 Handover from OSU/RC, seeing about 0.8arcsec, clear skies, 12m/s wind Problem with the SX swing arms switching from LBC to PEPSIPFU.

02:51 Problem has been resolved. Problem with M2 on DX

03:09 Presetting to HIP76984, way out of focus. 200micron fiber

03:11 Switched to 100micron fiber. We do the presetting and hotspot offset test from yesterday with the modified software

03:12 BS1, ND0, 100micron, still problem getting proper status on filterwheel position

03:15 Switched to BS2, ND0, 100micron Went quickly to the proper position. Seems that the software does the right thing.

03:17 Switched to BS3, ND0, 100micron. Also went quickly to the proper position. The WFS on DX was significantly brighter for a while.

03:23 Switched to BS4, ND0, 100micron. Also went quickly to the proper position. The WFS on SX is now brighter...

03:27 Switched to BS5, ND0, 100micron. Also went quickly to the proper position even if DX had to catch up over few more iterations.

03:37 Switched to BS1, ND0, 100micron. For flexure test. ZD: 26deg

03:39 Go to: BD+86 184, G5, ZD:56; BS1, ND0, 100micron Hotspot SX:(366,377), DX:(341,370)

03:52 Changed to BS2. Hotspot: no significant change, Seeing 0.9, 1.1

03:55 Changed to BS3. Hotspot: no significant change

03:57 Changed to BS4. Hotspot: no significant change ZD:56deg

03:59 Changed to BS5. Hotspot: no significant change

04:02 Preset back to HIP76984 with BS1
  • M2 DX problems
  • Through focus test
  • Problems with AGw7 communication

04:24 Repeat preset, FWHM 0.7, 0.8arcsec. Through focus sequence on DX/\. Again we have a problem with coordinating the focus offset of M2 and of the WFS. Ilya uses M2 now, but this does not seem to be correct. Changed the flag to M1M2

04:39 Defocus by +2mm, now using M1M2 flag for StepFocus. Crashed the M1.

04:59 Redid the preset again using M1M2 on DX +0.5mm. The StepFocus appear to work correctly, but it is not what we wanted to do.

05:04 Send the defocus (+0.5mm) using the M2 flag instead. Stopped reporting Zernikes to avoid confusion. It seems like the sign is wrong in the M2 offset w.r.t. AGW focus stage.

05:08 Zernikes off on both sides. Do the same offset on the SX side.

05:14 +0.5mm on DX (reaches 32mm), the +0.5mm to SX (reaches 31mm)

05:20 Closed down to twilight
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