Pepsi PFU - 20140423 UT

Observers: DMiller (Tucson), JStorm, IIlyn (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
AO Support:: DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Support:: MMidkiff (LBTO)
Instrument Support:: ESolheid (LBTO)
Engineering Support: DAshby (Tucson)



UT 8:50 Handover (1:50AM Local time) from OSU/RC.
  • Telescope remains closed for high winds. Clear.
  • Authorizing PEPSIPFU on both sides.

UT 9:15 Telescope ready.

  • Ilyas sends presets to closed telescope to check if the software
  • changes to the preset command have worked. The commands are
  • accepted and the telescope moves!

UT 10:10 Wind still too high.

UT 10:35 Wind still too high.

UT 11:05 Wind has calmed a bit and the trend is looking good. We are opening up.
  • Pointing correction quite small compared to yesterday.

UT 11:25 Preset to collimation star using PEPSI interface.
  • Quite far from pointing star.
  • Found star on left side but not on right star.
  • David corrects right side.
  • We are using beam splitter #1

UT 11:30 Pointing correction applied. Resending preset from PEPSI.
  • Right side converged quite quickly, seeing 1.4arcsec
  • Left side converges slowly, seeing 1.8arcsec.

UT 11:35 DIMM 2arcsec
  • Ilya starts corrections on pinhole. Offsets not yet significant so no actual offsets applied.

UT 11:48 Preset to high airmass target to test ADC offsets HD135363 Elevation 40deg.

UT 11:49 GCS problem, David sorting it out. GCS crashed and was restarted.

UT 11:50 Resending preset from PEPSI

UT 11:51 Stars found and started guiding correctly. On the left the star was off by some 10arcsec and on the right by some 6arcsecs in the first acquisition frame.

UT 11:54 BD+86.184 elevation 32deg.
  • AGW RPC communication error on bith AGw7+8. David restarts the AGWs.
  • Seeing worse than 2arcsec. Clear skies.

UT 12:01 Resend the preset Stars found but right M2 ripped.

UT 12:06 Ilya switched to beamsplitter #2
  • Verified the pinhole position.
  • Did #3 and #4, #5. All look fine.

UT 12:10 Ilya tries the ND filter number 2. It worked but we got an error message that changing filter while guiding and WFSing is not allowed. The filter wheel is NOT in the beam of the WFS so in principle it should be allowed if guiding is paused. Does WFS stop while guiding is paused? Error that guide star is not in the guidebox. Even if we have not resumed guiding. At least Ilya didn't think that he had resumed guiding. Ilya sends a message to Chris and Taras on this issue.

UT 12:20 Finished.
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