UT 20130919 Technical Observing - AGw2 Calibration

Observer: DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
Software Support: DCox (Tucson)
AO Support: JGuerra (Tucson)
Telescope Support: JLittle (LBTO)
Instrument Support: ESolheid (LBTO)


First 3/4 of night used to test Bin 1, 2, 3, 4 of AO. All looks good.

Starting at 4:00 MST removed some of the binodal and took another field data set




04:00 preset BS9107 on-axis. Collimate

04:10 preset bs9107 gs=23, /YAXIS. Rotator = 225. wanted 200

04:13 preset BS9107, GS=22, /YAXIS. Rotator = 196

04:18 Sent +50 tilt to M2 on Control GUI under Coma-free pointing. Geno change CA by -50. Astigmatism looks better but focus increased. Focus might be that we have not collimated for awhile.

04:20 Sent total of +100 tilt to M2 on Control GUI under Coma-free pointing. Geno change CA by total of -100

04:23 Cleared Active Optics on primary. We had a lot of high order.

04:30 field_collect, BS9107_new_field.list

05:37 Stop because background getting hight. 7 stars in field set. Should be enough for field measurement

05:38 Close dome

-- DougMiller - 19 Sep 2013

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