UT 20130625 Technical Observing - LDG Collimation Tests

Observer: DMiller (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller (LBTO)
Telescope Support: MMidkif (LBTO)
Instrument Support: (LBTO)



07:05 Telescope configured for LDG

07:12 Preset to BS9188, near the moon for high background tests

07:30 Put z4=6000, z5=6000 on prim,sec. Too much aberration and guider could not find guide star.

07:47 First correction sent wfsc 234. Sent a lot of trefoil, Z9, Z10, Z11. Now trouble converging and guide start. Send a manual z10 = 1000. 6,7 iterations later converged

08:00 Preset to AO1039 GS=6 (15mag) to the East because winds are increasing out of the South

08:15 Put Z4=6000, Z5=6000 on prim/sec

08:18 first correction sent wfsc 274. Slow to collimate. Add ~600 nm of Z9. Finally at 290 start removing Z9. At 294 down to a reasonable level of Z9 (50 nm)

08:36 Turn off sextrator wfsc so can compare CoW. wfsc 302 first CoW iteration

08:39 first correction at 307. Send almost no Z4, Z5. Send Z7-10. Get half pupil and

08:45 Send Z4=-6000, Z5=-6000. First image 315. Had Z9=1600. Now sending ~-200 in correct direction. Slow. Reasonably converged at 325.

08:57 Preset to AO1039 GS=5 (14mag) to test brighter star with same aberrations.

09:02 Send Z4=6000, Z5=6000. First image 339. Diverge in Z5 (send ~+500 nm). Send almost no Z4

09:06 Send Z4=-6000, Z5=-6000. First image 344, well converged at 348

09:10 Turn Sextractor bad on. Start at 350

09:12 Send Z4=6000, Z5=6000. First image 354. First iteration send the right sign of Z4. After that, diverge.

09:17 Send Z4=-6000, Z5=-6000. First image 361. Still diverge with Z4.

09:20 Steve clear active optics on M1 and M2. Converged by 369

09:28 Preset AO1062, GS=2, TS=2. 2000 counts on wfsc. mag 15

09:48 Preset AO1062, GS=3, TS=3. mag 15.6

09:56 pupil_subap_collect. Dim star with 500 count on wfsc and some moon background. Start at offset 80, -180 and steps of -10.
  • /home/dlmiller/data/20130625/pupil_subap

-- DougMiller - 25 Jun 2013
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