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PepsiPFU Commissioning Observing Plan for November, 2013


Set GCS executable to the most recent patch

To use the most recent patch of GCS:
  • login as telescope@obs2
  • % cd /lbt/tcs/current/gcs/bin
  • % ln -sfT GCS.2013D.Ver- GCS
  • in case you need to use latest GCSGUI issue command below.
  • % ln -sfT GCSGUI.2013D.Ver- GCSGUI
  • Restart GCSL and GCSR
  • Manually Z stage positions (L and R) are at nominal values (~30 mm). This can be performed from GCS pull down menu "Window -> AGw Control". NOTE: this must be done manually because GCS does not send any focus requests to the PepsiPFU's. It will in the next build.

To revert back to the original GCS executables:
  • % ln -sfT GCS.2013D.Ver- GCS
  • do not revert to previous GCSGUI line below, 2.14.13 is the latest version that should be used now.
  • % ln -sfT GCSGUI.2013D.Ver- GCSGUI

Check GCS communication to TCS is ON

This is set in /lbt/tcs/current/gcs/etc. The parameters noTCS for L and R should both be set to false

Set PepsiPFU parameters

These are set in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/GCS/PEPSIPFU_L.cfg and PEPSIPFU_R.cfg

Ready the PepsiPFU's

Make sure the Artificial Star units are out of the beam

On-Sky Commissioning Tasks

Collimate Telescope with RFBG and LFBG

We will use the original GCS executable to collimate both side of the telescope. The steps will be:
  • Authorize as LFBG and RFBG
  • Send ACQUIRE preset to set pointing model (IE, CA)
  • If star not seen on both sides then: * set pointing model for LFBG only. * authorize LFBG and NONE on right * all the following collimation commands are LFBG only
  • If stars seen on both sides then: * set pointing model for LFBG and RFBG. * all the following collimation commands are LFBG and RFBG
  • Send ACTIVE preset and allow telescope to collimate

Authorize at LEFT PepsiPFU

We will start the commissioning on one side only, SX

Set GCS to the Patched Version

Instructions above.

Set Pointing model

  • Send ACQUIRE preset to bright start (2-5 mag)
  • Spiral search if needed to find Star
  • Set IE and CA
    • Note IE is elevation, CA is azimuth

Test Acquisition

  • Send gcs_close_loop from IDL
  • Determine angle of rotation needed and modify guidecam_rotAngleOffs in PEPSIPFU_L.cfg
  • Send gcs_select_agw to re-read config file PEPSIPFU_L.cfg
  • Send gcs_close_loop from IDL to test new parameter
  • Iterate if needed

-- DougMiller - 27 Nov 2013
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