November 28 - December 1 (UT) Technical Observing Plan

Night Time Tasks

  • Very Good Seeing
    • LBC Focal Plane Tilt (John, 3 Hours)
  • Good Seeing Tasks
    • Collect Monocular Range Balanced Pointing and Collimation Data Set
    • Collect AO Stage Transformation Data Collection Routines
  • Medium, Poor Seeing Tasks
    • Test Sextract Act. Opt.
    • Test Collect Monocular Range Balanced Pointing and Collimation Routines
    • Test AO Stage Transformation Data Collection Routines
    • Pupil Wobble Tests


  • Doug, Juan Carlos: Nov. 28-30 (LBTO) Dec. 1 (Tucson)
  • Juan Carlos: Nov. 28 - Dec. 1
  • Julian: Nov. 29- Dec. 1


DONE Install Sextractor Active Optics in GCS

  • DONE Sextractor routines installed in GCS and basic tests complete (Doug, Torsten)
  • DONE More extensive tests for three focal stations (Doug, Torsten)
  • DONE Create and fill configuration directory in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/GCS (Torsten)
  • DONE Instructions to roll back (or roll forward) to original GCS version (or new patched version). How can we determine which version is running, and what version number is original and patched?
    • Symbolic link /lbt/tcs/current/gcs/bin/GCS -> GCS.20121127.V2.7.3.3 from GCS.2012H
    • Symbolic link /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/GCS -> GCS.newWFS
  • Determine Zernike Factors from data collected in October (Doug) ALERT! Will delay till Dec.

DONE Test IDL Pointing and Collimate Data Collection Routines

  • Include Monocular Range Balance routine in IDL (Doug) ALERT! Will delay till Dec.
  • Create new Pointing Star Catalogs (list from Wallace) (Doug) ALERT! Will delay till Dec.
  • DONE Update Star Selection IDL routine (Doug)
  • DONE Test Pointing Model Data Analysis Routines (Doug)

ALERT! Prepare IDL Routines to Collect AO Stage Transformation Data

  • ALERT! Create Open Cluster High Precision Astrometry Catalogs (HST?) (Juan Carlos)
  • ALERT! Finalize IDL routines (Doug)
  • ALERT! Make arrangements for someone to operation LUCI (Julian)

DONE Plan to Test Pyramid Pupil Wobble

  • Get information/plan/tests from Arcetri (Julian) ALERT! No useful information from Arcetri. We will have to prove it is not M3 position.

Night Time Tasks

Scheduled Tasks

(28, 29 Start of night) Phase 2 testing of Source Extractor Active Optics

  1. Installation and Testing: 6 Hours over two nights (No requirements)
  2. Dim Star Tests: 2 Hours (seeing < 1.0", no moon)

(30 Start of night) Collection of LBC Twilight Flats

  1. Time: 1 Hour (no requirements)

Tasks in Queue (seeing and resource dependent)

Collect Range Balanced Collimation and Pointing Model Data

  1. Testing: 1 Hour (no seeing requirements)
  2. Data Collection: 4 Hours (seeing < 0.9")

Guider Hotspot Tests

  1. Data Collection: 1 Hour (seeing < 2.0")
  2. Test New IDL Routines: 1 Hour (seeing < 2.0")

Pupil Wobble

  1. Act. Opt SH WFSC Wobble
    • Verify LFBG: 0.5 Hours (seeing < 1.5")
    • Move M3 large Tip and Tilt and Collect Data: 2 Hours (seeing < 1.5")
  2. Pyramid Wobble
    • Verify LFBG: 1 Hour (seeing < 1.2")
    • Move M3 large Tip and Tilt and Collect Data: 4 Hours (seeing < 1.2")
  3. Collect Field Data (?) (Doug)

-- DougMiller - 14 Nov 2012

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