UT 20120304 AGw#3 at LFBG Verification

Observer: DMiller (Tucson), DThompson (LBTO), JHill (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
Telescope Support: JLittle (LBTO)
Instrument Support: TShih (LBTO)



Using M3 to reduce pupil wobble

04:26 X=-71, Y=128, wfscimage000133. fits Pupil is 2 rows too high. IDL is giving the same position as GCS.

04:35 Steve preset to BS9122, on-axis to check on-axis position and then if there is a rotation of the WFSC pupil

04:42 PA = 0, wfscimage000143.fits. Pupil was quite elongated, upper left to lower right. Collimation makes it round. Pupil is nearly correct. Maybe off by one column to the left.

04:45 PA = 90, wfscimage000144.fits, 145

04:48 PA = -90, wfscimage000146.fits, 147. Looks centered.

04:50 PA-180, wfscimage000148.fits, 156. Looks center

04:56 GS=17, PA=147 for on the y-axis. wfscimage000157.fits, 158. Two columns up

04:59 GS=17, PA=207 for off the y-axis. wfscimage000159.fits, 163. One column up, one column right.

05:12 On-Axis pupil analysis

PA wfsc image number X Y
90 left_wfscimage000145.fits 380.5 248.5
0 left_wfscimage000143.fits 385.5 254.5
-90 left_wfscimage000147.fits 390.5 249
-180 left_wfscimage000149.fits 384.5 248.5

Looks like we have a 10 pixel wobble in the X direction and 6 pixel wobble in the Y.

05:40 Steve cleared everything on M2 Hexapod, re-initialized, and homed. Re-initialized and homed Tertiary

05:48 Preset BS9134, on-axis, PA=0 wfscimage000184.fits, 190

05:52 preset PA=-90 wfscimage000191.fits, 194

05:56 preset PA=-180 wfscimage000195.fits, 196

05:58 preset PA=-270 wfscimage000197.fits, 215

PA wfsc image number X Y
0 left_wfscimage000189.fits 381.5 245.5
-90 left_wfscimage000194.fits 383.5 255
-180 left_wfscimage000196.fits 385 247.5
-270 left_wfscimage000199.fits 384.5 247

Looks like 4 pixels in x, 9 pixels in Y. This is different from the first set because we are looking at a different part of the sky and PA=0 has a different orientation relative to the telescope structure.

06:12 preset BS9134, PA=-90, wfscimage000216.fits.

06:17 Moved Tip=+500 and measured wfscimage000224.fits. X=384.5, Y=259. Moved the wrong direction.

06:26 John moves twice the other direction. Tip=-500 wfscimage000237.fits X=384, Y 247. Overshot by 2+ pixels

06:30 John moves back a bit. Tip=-400 wfscimage000144.fits, X=384.5, Y = 248

06:34 Moves one more back in Y and a bit in X Tip=-300 Tilt=+150 wfscimage000151.fits X=386, Y=250. Should not have moved X

06:39 Tip=-300 Tilt=+50

06:40 Steve resets the pointing with IE and CA

06:48 preset PA=0 wfsc 159-161

06:50 PA=-90 wfsc 162-164

06:53 PA=-180 wfsc 165-167

06:55 PA=-270 wfsc 268-296

PA wfsc image number X Y
0 left_wfscimage000161.fits 385.5 250
-90 left_wfscimage000164.fits 386 249
-180 left_wfscimage000167.fits 384 248.5
-270 left_wfscimage000169.fits 383.5 251

07:07 Installed the Tip=-300 Tilt=+50 in the SXTMLUCIFERCollimation.dat file as Global Offsets

Transformation Data on Stone_I

07:12 Dave earlier measured LUCI center of rotation of X=1010.58, Y=1047.14

07:11 Transform_collect, Stone_I, EXP=4, NUM=1 This writes a script on the Lucifer computer and then executes it. Dave measured the centroids as the images were saved

09:00 Transform_collect done.

-- DougMiller - 04 Mar 2012
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