AGw#3 at LFBG Verfication

After mounting of IRTC at LFBG

DONE Check Operation of IRTC

  • Power on and test IRTC (worked on 2-Feb-2012 MST after a reboot of the PC)

DONE Check operation of AGw#3

  • Power on AGw#3
  • Connect via GCS authorization and oaccontrol commands
  • Collect guider and wfsc images

(worked OK on 01-Feb-2012 MST, too bad it didn't work the following night)

DONE Check rotator position

  • Set rotator value to 9.0
  • Guide probe pivot point should be at 70 degrees counter-clockwise straight up. This is about 10:00.

On-sky Tasks

DONE Active Preset

  • Send Active preset to Persson's standard
  • Should Guide
  • Should collimate with Active Optics
  • Continue till telescope is collimated

OK, on 04-Feb-2012 UT

DONE Find center of rotation on Guider

  • Acquire Preset with guide probe on-axis to Persson's standard
  • Put on-axis star on guider image (currently x=0, y=612.5)
  • Find rotation center
    • Integrate guider for 60 seconds
    • Rotate instrument rotator 360 degrees
  • Change IE, CA to place guide star on rotation center
  • Move guide probe to place guide star, on the rotation center, near the center of the guider image. Record new guide probe x,y value
  • Find rotation center again. Move star via IE, CA. Move star to near center of guider image
  • Repeat until done smile

Completed on 04-Feb-2012 UT

DONE Determine Guider Hotspot

  • Active Preset to on-axis Persson's standard (50 elevation)
  • Allow to collimate
  • setWFSExpTime left 10000 (10 seconds)
  • Move hotspot back/forth and up/down
    • getHotspot left
    • setHotspot left # #
    • watch for vignetting on the wfsc image
    • find hotspot position where wfsc pupil is in the middle of vignetting positions

ALERT! Check guide probe Z motion

  • Active Preset to Persson's standard at 79 elevation
  • Allow to collimate
  • Acquire preset to on-axis star
  • Position star in the center of the acquisition image via IE, CA
  • Change M2 focus by 1000nm increments in + and -.
  • See if Center of stars shifts.

  • If there is a shift of more then a few pixels, then there is a problem

ALERT! IRTC center of rotation

  • Active Preset to bright WT10 or ACT star at 60-70 elevation
  • Allow to collimate
  • Determine good IRTC integration time (< 0.1 seconds)
  • Turn off Active Optics
  • Turn off Guiding
  • Collect image on IRTC
    • Rotate Instrument Rotator 360 degrees
    • Collect short exposure IRTC image as fast as possible as long as rotator is moving
  • Process image with Source Extractor and find rotation center

ALERT! Collect Transform Data

ALERT! Collect Field Data

ALERT! Install new transform and collect a check set

ALERT! Measure pupil wobble with rotator angle (off-sky)

ALERT! Collect Performance Data

At several elevation and guide star magnitudes:

  • Preset to Persson's standard
  • Allow to collimate
  • Collect Dice5 Data Set

-- DougMiller - 03 Feb 2012
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