UT 201201014 LBBG Technical Observations

Observer: JHeidt (@LBTO), DMiller, JCarlos, ARakich, DThompson (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
Telescope Support: ROrtega (LBTO)
Instrument Support: DOfficer (LBTO)


Frustrating first half of the night since weather as great but the power outage caused more problems than initially thought. No data. Second half of the night (LBC work) was succesfull.


00:40 Weather at sunset: Clear (only very few cirrus down on the horizon west), Temp(ambient) -2.4deg, Temp(mirror) -5deg, Hum 11%, WInd 8 m/s
Seems that the power outage didn't cause any serious troubles, all systems seem to run, IRTC had to be rebooted, IRTC is working now. The writer of these lines was too optimistic, in the end no data werde taken for LBBG com.

01:00 Opening up

01:20 Juan had to reset the shell, didn't help, problems with the TCS (elevation), need to contact SW people. The elevation information is displaying in intermittent way with this problem the shell can't be set.

The AOS reports a warning message:

Sat Jan 14 01:25:14.002 2012 aos.warning - Variable mcs.azDrive.position expired Sat Jan 14 01:25:14.014 2012 aos.warning - Variable mcs.elDrive.position expired Sat Jan 14 01:26:06.626 2012 aos.info - Updated variable L.IDL_STAT: 1

The software group is contacted: stop MCS,PCS. start MCS and PCS. This procedure didn't solve the intermittent information of the elevation. Restarted the AOS and AO software, this didn't solve the problem

01:00 to 07:20 was spent trying to get the telescope/TCS to work. This included "no elevation" available to the AO system because of a MCS computer (tcs4?) slow shared memory update, nfs mounting problems on one or more computers, AGW#1 communication problems and LBBG rotator fault problem.

07:20 Authorize for IRTC@LBBG failed. Preset Failed.

07:27 Hand over to Andrew and Dave T. for LBC work.

-- JochenHeidt - 13 Jan 2012
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