Collimation and Pointing following re-installation of Rigid Secondary on SX.

01:30 Restore old secondary and primary collimation models for SX Gregorian.

  • Copy current models (made on 18 October 2011 with AO Secondary) to name.20111018.dat
cp SXSMMODSCollimation.dat SXSMMODSCollimation.20111018.dat
cp SXPMMODSCollimation.dat SXPMMODSCollimation.20111018.dat

  • Copy models made in 2011August for LUCIFER to /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PSF/ as SXPMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat and SXSMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat and then copy these to the default MODS names to make them active.
Andrew emailed to me these models from 2011August:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrew Rakich <>
Date: Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 7:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: Lucifer collimation models
SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.dat and 

edited SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.dat to remove extra line feed at end.

cp SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.dat SXPMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat
cp SXSMLUCIFERCollimation.dat SXSMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat

cp SXPMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PSF/
cp SXSMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PSF/

cp SXPMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat SXPMMODSCollimation.dat
cp SXSMMODSCollimation.2011August.dat SXSMMODSCollimation.dat

  • Revert to old Pointing Model.
    • Current MODS Pointing model is SX_Gregorian.20111018.ptmod
    • Previous MODS Pointing model in /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration/PCS/ is MODSSX.20110213.ptmod
    • Edit PCSInstrument.conf to replace SX_Gregorian.20111018.ptmod with MODSSX.20110213.ptmod

02:01 There are problems establishing communication with the rigid secondary. Steve & Michael are calling Guido and various others downtown. But this does not seem like it will be resolved soon. We are considering switching to LBCs.

-- OlgaKuhn - 28 Oct 2011
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