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Front Bent Gregorian Binocular Collimation and Pointing

OSA: S. Allanson Observers: A. Rakich, O. Kuhn (Tucson) and K. Boutsia (LBTO) ISA: T. Shih


1) Get Gregorian binocular range balancing working. (tonight's task)
2) Generate co-pointed collimation models.
3) Once these are in place repeat the thermal cycling primaries excercise on the circumpolar field with Gregorian.
4) Take new sets of Gregorian and PF pointing data (warm temperature sets).
5) Repeat thermal cycling primaries excercise on LBC.

Instruments: LUCIFER on SX and AGW on DX (IRTC authorized)

Clouds to the SE, but these do not look too threatening and we are open at twilight.

3:20 Steve pointing and collimating on a bright star, one side at a time.

04:45 Steve sending preset: sync track LUCI and ACQUIRE DX and take LUCI image on pointing star.

04:56 No star seen. Put IE/CA for LUCI on both sides and see if we can see a star on LUCI. Star on LEFT ACQ and on RIGHT ACQ. Now Steve sending again track SX and acquire DX preset.

05:40 In acquire mode, AGW enters "movie" mode where it writes images "leftMovie.fits" and "rightMovie.fits". Sending an GUIDE preset on the right and a TRACK preset on the left.

06:05 There was a problem when canceling the preset. In the meantime, we did obtain a pair of SX/DX images: luci.20110702.0022.fits and right_acquire000006.fits. Ran binorb on these, and the star on the LUCI detector went the correct dY but incorrect (opposite) dX. On agw star went to center. Edited binorb to flip signs of X,RY if LUCI.

06:45 So the sequence for taking data for task (1) above is as follows:

a) Once both sides have been collimated, ensure that both SX and DX have the IRTC pointing model loaded.
b) If necessary send acquire preset to an ACT star on DX side (track on SX) and adjust DX pointing.
c) Once pointing on DX is OK, send a GUIDE preset to an ACT star on DX, track on SX to the same star, asynchronous.
d) Once the acquisition image from the DX guide preset appears, pause guiding (DX only).
e) Take a Lucifer image, 2 second exposure, bracket gamma + K filter.
f) Run Olga's range bal script.
g) Send an acquire preset both sides to same star to verify stars are well centred.
h) repeat for about 12 stars at various elevations.

06:55 Steve says "cap cloud" forming, going to lower elevation (BS9152) to try to start collimating.
07:00 Pointing trued up, sending asynchronous Active (SX) acquire (DX) preset and collimating SX.
07:07 sending Acquire presets to SX and DX to check pointing. Pointing good. Sending asynchronous preset track (SX) active (DX) and collimating DX.
07:45 Have a problem with Olga's script still. It seems to be doing th eright thing for DX but not SX.
07:50 Michelle's suggested "off setting" in pcsclient for sending tip tilt to PSF, (entry 35) we set to disable both, and then restarted PCS, but we still got these pointing offsets. We need an OFF BUTTON for this.

11:10 taking baseline data for troubleshooting Gregorian RB over summer shutdown.

11:28 end of night, Olga parking Lucifer.

-- OlgaKuhn - 02 Jul 2011
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