Range Balancing: 12 February 2011 UTC

Observer(s): John Hill, Andrew Rakich(Tucson)

Telescope Operator: Geno Bechetti (LBTO)

SW Support: (Tucson)

Telescope Support: (LBTO)

Instrument Support: (LBTO)



TCS people had the first half of the night for testing BP9 binocular stuff.

BP9 Testing

05:34 Preset command should have failed when the acquisition offset failed to put the star on the hotspot.

06:29 Unexpected hold.....

06:32 Bad poly.....

Range Balancing

8:38 reconfigured from BP9 to BP7 after some funny things like not being able to start GUIs and other things hanging, couldn't do ptreset, also even though we thought that we'd flattened DX m2, when we checked it was still in "rest" mode.

8:45 M5_0347 for pointing, IE -87, CA +19.

8:50 use IDL "field_check" to preset to Stone G, taking data on Y axis and +/- 60 degrees from that PA for 6 guide stars.

9:40 have reached the halfway mark with Doug's script and all seems to be working well.

10:10 got some funny error messages about AZcam delivering full acquisition images causing the IDL routine to choke (see Issue Trak 3165), restarted on START=4.

10:13 SX M1 went down, VxWorks probably rebooted.

10:22 resend IDL preset START=4

11:12 resend IDL preset START=6 (had to do this a couple of times on 5 as well).

11:15 notice that on the 6th star coma for the "on the y axis" measurement of GS 16 is large.

11:28 finished IDL. Note that the measurements for GS16 for +/- 60 degrees PA differed in the measured astigmatism by ~600 nm on Z6, so for sure there is something bad going on with vignetted pupils.

11:31 John testing a script to take AGw images for pointing. /home/LBTO/iraf/gopoint_agw.cl (This version is hardwired for left side.)

11:32 Geno makes pointing logs: 20110212_SX.log, 20110212_DX.log

11:32 Pointing images are in /OldRepository/AGW_Data/20110212. These images are guided, so the images are only needed to provide time entries into the pointing log.

Adjusted parameters in AIP_L.cfg for bright pointing stars.

When WFS exposure was 3 sec, the residuals were about 600 nm rms. When we increased the exposure back to the nominal 30 sec, the residuals dropped to 200 nm rms. Averaging the atmosphere works!

We got about 35 pointing stars.

13:20 Close for impending dawn.

-- JohnHill - 12 Feb 2011
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