MODS1 Commissioning Run 3: UTC 2010 December 16

Observer(s): R. Pogge and C. Henderson (OSU), M. Wagner (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez (LBTO)
Telescope Support: J. Urban (LBTO)
Instrument Support: J. Morris (LBTO)


During the afternoon and through sunset conditions continue to deteriorate. High thick clouds blowing over, wind and humidity increasing. By sunset we were at or near max humidity limits, and wind was gusting over 20m/sec. Forecast calls for light snow starting around midnight.

A few glitches with BP7 due to a missing DD entry we had been using before that was removed between BP6 and BP7. Subject was entered as Issue Trak #3068. Resolved by selecting new, arguably more appropriate DD entries for the parallactic and achieved position angles. Software updates implemented these changes.


Dewars filled at 1545. Hold times still >24h since we're seeing no increase in the LN2 reservoir temperature leading up to the fill.

Numerous software and instrument tests during the day. IMCS lock fine, startup quick. New startup procedures tested and debugged. New lbttcs interface features, especially offset implemented and ready for on-sky testing. Changes to the modsUI tool, including a redesigned telescope preset/offset panel installed and ready for testing. Internal updates to track lbttcs updates. Test images acquired, FITS headers are good and archiving worked without intervention.

MODS computers were running continously since the last run (UTC 2010 Nov 21) without crashes. The modsenv environmental monitor ran the entire time logging data from all onboard sensors it can read (still waiting for hooks for the CCD controllers slated for January 2011). The isis server, data-transfer, and CCD controller programs all ran w/o crashes. IMCS came up and locked on within 60 sec of first being woken up. CCDs took test images on the first try. No restarts required. Total time to wake up MODS1 was around 10 minutes.


Not much to report, the weather started out marginal and deteriorated from there. Did not keep notes. I'll do that on subsequent nights.

-- RichardPogge - 15 Dec 2010
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