MODS1 AGw Commissioning at LDG: 21 November 2010 UTC

Observer(s): R. Pogge and B. Shappee (OSU), D. Thompson (LBTO)

Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti (LBTO)

AO Support: D. Miller (LBTO remote from Tucson as needed)

Telescope Support: J. Urban

Instrument Support: D. Officer (LBTO)


High winds and partly cloudy at sunset. Wind has been 18-22m/s the past hour with gusts above 20m/s that rattle the building since noon. Humidity has been 25-40% most of the day and warmer than 0C up to sunset. The clouds are blowing past, but could clear in a few hours, but our big problem remains the high winds.


Dewars filled at 2300, still showing >24h hold time


0000 - patchy high clouds at sunset, winds 18-20m/s out of the SSW with gusts above 20m/s. Humidity 30% and temperatures around 0C. And a lovely sunset, if a bit windy to be watching it from the patio.

0200 - Winds now sustained 20 m/s with gusts as high as 25-27 m/s shaking the enclosure. Humidity has risen to 40% and temperature has dropped to -1C. Clouds blowing by, but fewer.

0400 - Winds steady at 22m/s gusts as high as 27m/s at time. Humidity up to 60% with temperatures now -2C and skies are clear.

0530 - South wind now gusting to near 30m/s, humidity is 74% and climbing and temperature -3C and falling.

0800 - Humidity >97%, Wind 25m/s gusting above 30m/s, temperature -4C, so it is not nice outside.

-- RichardPogge - 21 Nov 2010
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