Arizona LBTI Commissioning - 06 November 2010 UT

This wiki page includes John's notes on the center bent Gregorian focal station commissioning aspects of LBTI Commissioning. This represents only a small fraction of the total activity.

Observers: JHill, PHinz, Vidhya, Vanessa, Bill
Telescope Operators: DHuerta
Instrument Support: JMorris
Telescope Support: JUrban


Closed the LBTI Adaptive Optics loop on the DX side. Got good results with 153 modes at 1 msec, but had trouble getting improvements at 250 modes.


Initial SX IE=-32 CA=+44

Initial DX IE=-60 CA=+18 Zglobal=-0.84

Had to offset M1,M2 in parallel in both X and Y to correct the strong coma. Tonight the air is 8 degC while the telescope starts out a couple degrees colder.

02:32 DX IE=-65 CA=+14

Later DX IE=-67 CA=+24 (used for most of the night)

12:21 Found SX in CCD47 at Tip=+10 Tilt=+10 but a funny stage position.

12:45 Found SX in Mirac. IE=-69 CA=+20 SX Tip=+19 Tilt=+27 for EL=77 deg.

13:10 Close at T=6.7 degC

-- JohnHill - 07 Nov 2010

-- JohnHill - 07 Nov 2010
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