AO Retroreflector Work: 22 October 2010 UT

Observer: DMiller, SEsposito, MXompero, LBusoni, APuglisi, FQuiros
Telescope Operator: DHuerta (LBTO)
Telescope Support: JUrban (LBTO)
Instrument Support: TShih (LBTO)


Snow and clouds at the beginning of the night. 105% humidity



01:00 Chris switched the mountain build to BP4 and put GCS in simulation mode. I started the MCSPU simulator. We did this to be able to test AOS/TCS interaction. We found that the MCSPU does not simulate the swing arms, and it is not possible to have OSS in simulation mode change the swing arm status. The AO system reads the status variable for the M2 swing arm to insure it is deployed. Since we could not get the status we needed, we decided to put the real MCSPU back in operation.

02:00 Was able to preset the telescope in TRACK mode, but not in ACTIVE mode. During guide star acquisition, the mount was going into slew mode for 10-15 seconds, and the ACTIVE preset was timing out. It was not clear if it is request problem in GCS, or a PCS problem or MCS problem. Chris will speak to the appropriate people tomorrow to see if they can find a solution.

03:30 Stopped testing, reactivated AO5 build and the Italians took over the telescope.

04:49 Edited lbt.conf to put GCSR in simulation mode

04:52 Restarted GCSR

Closed Dome Tests

05:30 preset to M5_0881 in Track mode. Failed because rfbg rotator was against a limit

05:40 Dave held override button so we could move rotator off the limit

05:45 preset to M5_0881 in ACTIVE mode. Successful.

06:10 Italians are working on software.

06:30 preset to M5_0881 in ACTIVE. AO loop did not close because some strange alignment. Italians working to understand

07:00 preset to M5_0042 IN ADAPTIVEACE mode. Failed. Italians are working

07:30 David move telescope to zenith to try to understand problem.

09:00 The AO folks when up to the AGw because they could see something vignetting the pupil. A wire going to the flower pot had come loose.

09:23 Closed AO loop via iif command. It took 2'50" from original presetAO to closed loop.

09:48 Alfio decreased the number of flats to decrease closed loop time. Now 2'40" to close the loop

-- DougMiller - 22 Oct 2010
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