Commissioning: 21 May 2010 UT

Observer: Andrew R, John H, Doug M Olga K (in Tucson)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson, WWack (in Tucson)
Telescope Support: Brian (LBTO)
Instrument Support: TShih (LBTO)
Adaptive Secondary Operator: Runa (LBTO)


Collected LUCIFER data to build an M2 Collimation model.


8:00 after reverting to previous software build, reloading and reconfiguring for LBC we get started now. Adjusting pointing and collimation.


All Lucifer image named luci.20100521.*.fits

Time BS star Image number Elevation
08:58 9162 33 72
09:08 9166 35 55
09:19 9160 38 48
09:26 9155 40 33
10:01 9145 44 27
10:13 9156 46 39
10:24 9169 48 62
10:42 FS 149 52 80
10:55 FS 151 55 69
11:06 FS 149 58 85
11:25 9183 62 61
11:35 9182 64 52


JMH wrote to telescope work the following afternoon:
Dear Telescope,
        Following the Andrew et al. laser-tracker-based experiments of
the last three nights, I have restored the SX collimation and pointing
models to their traditional configuration.


1) The LUCIFER pointing model has been restored to

2) The LUCIFER PM collimation model has been restored to the contents
of SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.20100105.dat with the active file name
SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.dat .

(Yes, 0105 and 0501 are the correct dates, and not transposition typos.)

3) The LBC-Blue PM collimation model has been restored to the contents
of SXPMLBCCollimation.20100508.dat (which was the last update for the
hub shift to the summer position).  The active filename is of course
SXPMLBCCollimation.dat .

and finally unrelated to Andrew's activities,

4) I have updated the LBC pointing model LBCSX.20100521.ptmod to have
the current azimuth zeropoint of IA=-393 arcsec.  We saw a value
similar to this on 20100505, and I confirmed it was still true on
20100519 (although we were using Andrew's special M1 collimation model
at the time).  This particular value of IA is chosen to match the
LUCIFER pointing model from 20100501.

The LBC pointing model does need to be remeasured.  It has changed
since the azimuth absolute encoder has been fixed, and weight added to
the telescope has changed the elevation (tube flexure) term by several
(ten?) arcsec.


M2 Collimation Model

hselect luci*.fits M2-X,M2-Y,M2-Z,M2RX,M2RY,TELALT,M1CTEMP,$I yes > /home/LBTO/M2.20100521_collimation.txt

-- DougMiller - 21 May 2010
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
M2.20100521.gifgif M2.20100521.gif manage 20 K 21 May 2010 - 23:37 JohnHill GIF plot of M2 Collimation Model and Data
M2.20100521_collimation.txttxt M2.20100521_collimation.txt manage 1 K 21 May 2010 - 23:10 JohnHill M2 Collimation data extracted from LUCIFER headers
M2.20100521_collimation_notemp.datdat M2.20100521_collimation_notemp.dat manage 1022 bytes 21 May 2010 - 23:36 JohnHill M2 Collimation model for LFBG derived from above data
SXPMAndrew_notemp.datdat SXPMAndrew_notemp.dat manage 1023 bytes 21 May 2010 - 23:21 JohnHill SX M1 Collimation Model from Laser Tracker
SXPMlaser.20100520.ptmodptmod SXPMlaser.20100520.ptmod manage 370 bytes 21 May 2010 - 23:22 JohnHill LBC-Blue pointing model based on laser tracker collimation
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