TCS Testing + LDG Commissioning: Performance Verification - 21 April 2010 UT

Night 3:

Observer: DMiller (Tucson) JHill (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: JHill (LBTO)
Telescope Support: JLittle/BCurtis
Instrument Support: JMorris
Software Support: NCushing (LBTO)


Night lost to weather - humidity.


TSargent gave us Rev 2.78 of MCSPU with sticky error bits. I tested this before sunset by turning off the 208VAC power to the drives and it seems to work as advertised.

Recompiled (make) LBC code on lbccontrol. And recompiled (make) TCSSendWavefront on obs2. This seems to have cured the uint64_t error on TCSSendWavefront.

JKraus and JDavis are working on the fibers for AGW2, so it is presently unavailable.

Testing Plan

The two remaining on-sky tests for TCS Build AO4 are:

  • Preset, Guiding and Offsetting with LBC
  • Offsetting out of the field with IRTC or LUCIFER (We finally did this on 25 April UT.)


Authorized as LBC on both sides.

02:04 Open vent doors. Humidity is 90% and rising, so we are hesitant about opening the shutter doors.

02:06 Recover panic on SX Primary Mirror and auto-raise at horizon. Enabled actuators 211 and 328.

02:15 Used override button to clear CCW limit on LDG cable chain.

02:52 Close Vent Doors - Humidity up to 94%. Sky has scattered cirrus. T=2.7 degC.

07:00 It is REALLY foggy outside. Dewpoint is rising D=+3.3 degC outside and 2.2 degC inside. Primary glass temperatures are only 4.8 degC, so we take this opportunity to test the wiki procedure for warming the primaries with Mirror Ventilation. ECS undershot the duct temperature (3 degC versus the command of 5 degC) because of the low relative temperature of the chilled water (-26 degC). It slowly recovers from this in about 15 minutes. Duct humidity is about 87% (higher than I would like, but better than condensing water on the mirror.).

10:12 Stop mirror ventilation as outside temperature and dewpoint are decreasing.

-- DougMiller - 19 Apr 2010
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