LDG Commissioning: Performance Verification - 19 April 2010 UT

Night 1:

Observer: DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: JHill (LBTO)
Telescope Support: MMidkiff
Instrument Support: DOfficer


The Telescope worked well all night. No time lost due to telescope problems

It was cloudy at sunset and lost an hour and a half.

We closed the chamber at 10:50, so lost the last two hours to clouds

Had a bit of trouble getting IRAF to collect IRTC data. Spent 30 minutes debugging.

Collected 5 sets of dice5 data, each set containing 5 repetitions of the 5 dice pattern. The first set was collected without the IRTC peltier turned on. Thus the background was high and no stars could be found in the images. The set was a complete loss. Thus, we have 10 set of 5 dice pattern for 1" offsets, and 8 sets of 5 dice pattern for 10" offsets. The seeing was 0.8" to 1.2" for all these data, so the data are marginally good enough to verify offset quality. The final set taken was on StoneL field, for which the central star is a bit brighter and can maybe be used to evaluate image quality.


17 April 2010 Doug O and Jeff U mounted and cabled the IRTC at LDG. The IRTC computer required a reboot and then everything worked properly


00:00 John calls the observatory for his truck and says he has been stuck in a traffic jam on I-10 for the last two hours. He will be late getting to the LBTO.

1:45 Doug M arrived in the Remote observing room in Tucson. Doug O and Michael reported that they have completed a walkthrough and the telescope is ready to go.

2:15 Doug M started up HBS, LDG rotator, Az and El.

2:20 Michael took a look at the chamber floor to see if there was much oil being leaked. He said it looked good.

2:30 Doug M moved the El=90 and Az=120 and set the encoders

2:35 Authorized IRTC @ LDG. I did not notice that it failed MCSPU reports rotator is not ready

2:40 Doug M sent pointto M5_0384 TelMode=TRACK PAM- Failed because AGw Unit not selected (the above Authorize failed)

2:42 From now on Doug written in the log will mean Doug M

2:42 Doug logs into agw-control and startAGW 4 and home

2:51 pointto M5_0384 TelMode=TRACK PAM- Failed because of the Authorize failure

2:53 Authorized IRTC @ LDG. Success

2:54 pointto M5_0384 TelMode=TRACK PAM- Success

2:55 pointto M5_0384 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- Success

3:00 John arrives at the LBTO

3:05 John move left tertiary to stow position

3:32 John open the Shutters and all vent doors. Wind 1-2.5 m/s Temp = 5.2, DP = -4

3:38 pointto M5_0384 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- Success. Star just off the guide image to the lower left

3:39 John opens the vent doors

3:40 John lines up M5 star in guide image CA=-4, IE=4

3:45 pointto M5_1210 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- Sucess IA is only 2" from correct. Did not change

3:50 pointto BS9142 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 Success. Star is 7" low on the acquisition image, but guide loop starts and Active optics

4:13 Run 40 iterations of active optics with GCS and check that IDL was giving the same answer. Had to change Z5 and Z8 to (-) in IDL and z22 from 3.2/2 to -.04. All is well on-axis.

4:14 pointto M5_0358 TelMode=ACTIVE gs=1 Failed, no guide star

4:25 pointto M5_0358 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 Set IE=8, CA=2

4:30 pointto M5_0358 TelMode=ACTIVE gs=1 Failed, no guide star again

4:35 Three failed preset to M5 fields with off axis stars: Errors in or not guide star catalogs: M5_0387, M5_0384, M5_0441

4:44 pointto StoneIagw TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 set IE=17, CA=-2

4:51 pointto StoneIagw TelMode=ACTIVE gs=0 start at wfscimage 41. Central star is very dim. I don't think we could see in on IRTC

4:59 Clear C00 on Primary because complaining about high forces and cannot apply corrections, @ wfscimage 50

5:04 pointto M5_0460 TelMode=ACTIVE gs=1 guide star looks like a galaxy. too dim and extended

5:08 pointto M5_1311 TelMode=ACTIVE gs=2 Success. Good guide star @103" wfscimage 62. Good collimation. Too bright on IRTC, needed 5 milisecond exposures. Back to StoneIagw

5:12 pointto StoneIagw TelMode=ACTIVE gs=19. Success. Good guide star @ 139" wfscimage 75.

5:25 irtc.20100419_00001_cube.fits image irtc.20100419_00002_cube.fits background (0.9" seeing) Check to see if can detect central star.

5:31 dice5 1"x1" 1secx30 IRTC images: Fail to get single images

5:56 Found that "sendcam = no" in IRTC parameters. Change to yes and now works!!

5:57 offset 0 0: nice long collimate from irtc ~90 to 122 with off-axis star (on y axis) with seeing ~0.8

5:59 dice5 1"x1" Failed to takeseq: exp=0 and num=0. Edited par file for takeseq

6:02 dice5 1"x1" Failed because par file still 0

6:04 offset 0 0 Edit ...

6:14 Found that the IRAF takeseq (irc GetSeqImages) requires the new IRTC GUI with non-blocking

6:17 dice5 1"x1" 1secx30 IRTC images: OK El=57, seeing 0.8" to 1.0"

1"x1" 1sec x 30 images
Single image Cube
Set 1
irtc.20100419.061616.fits irtc.201004191_00005_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.061719.fits irtc.201004191_00006_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.061820.fits irtc.201004191_00007_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.061923.fits irtc.201004191_00008_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062032.fits irtc.201004191_00009_cube.fits
Set 2
irtc.20100419.062131.fits irtc.201004191_00010_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062232.fits irtc.201004191_00011_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062334.fits irtc.201004191_00012_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062437.fits irtc.201004191_00013_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062538.fits irtc.201004191_00014_cube.fits
Set 3
irtc.20100419.062638.fits irtc.201004191_00015_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062737.fits irtc.201004191_00016_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062842.fits irtc.201004191_00017_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.062942.fits irtc.201004191_00018_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063042.fits irtc.201004191_00019_cube.fits
Set 4
irtc.20100419.063143.fits irtc.201004191_00020_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063244.fits irtc.201004191_00021_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063346.fits irtc.201004191_00022_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063447.fits irtc.201004191_00023_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063549.fits irtc.201004191_00024_cube.fits
Set 5
irtc.20100419.063649.fits irtc.201004191_00025_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063749.fits irtc.201004191_00026_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063851.fits irtc.201004191_00027_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.063952.fits irtc.201004191_00028_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.064052.fits irtc.201004191_00029_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.064340.fits irtc.201004191_00030_cube.fits


7:00 Data up to cube 36 had a warm (279 K) IRTC. Turned on Peltier and set to 245 K. Background is now a factor of 2 less

1"x1" 2sec x 30 images EL=54
Single image Cube
Background *Lost in Archive*
irtc.20100419.070958.fits irtc.20100419_00001_cube.fits
Set 1
irtc.20100419.071235.fits irtc.20100419a_00002_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.071408.fits irtc.20100419a_00003_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.071554.fits irtc.20100419a_00004_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.071730.fits irtc.20100419a_00005_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.071904.fits irtc.20100419a_00006_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072039.fits irtc.20100419a_00007_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072213.fits irtc.20100419a_00008_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072346.fits irtc.20100419a_00009_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072523.fits irtc.20100419a_00010_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072708.fits irtc.20100419a_00011_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.072841.fits irtc.20100419a_00012_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073026.fits irtc.20100419a_00013_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073201.fits irtc.20100419a_00014_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073339.fits irtc.20100419a_00015_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073514.fits irtc.20100419a_00016_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073646.fits irtc.20100419a_00017_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073819.fits irtc.20100419a_00018_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.073952.fits irtc.20100419a_00019_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074125.fits irtc.20100419a_00020_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074258.fits irtc.20100419a_00021_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074428.fits irtc.20100419a_00022_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074601.fits irtc.20100419a_00023_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074747.fits irtc.20100419a_00024_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.074922.fits irtc.20100419a_00025_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.075056.fits irtc.20100419a_00026_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.075404.fits irtc.20100419a_00027_cube.fits

8:02 pointto StoneIagw TelMode=ACTIVE gs=25 PA=0. Success. Set PA=0 so radec offsets are up/down/left/right

10"x10" 2sec x 15 images EL=47
Single image Cube
irtc.20100419.080613.fits irtc.20100419a_00028_cube.fits
Set 1
irtc.20100419.080831.fits irtc.20100419a_00029_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.080933.fits irtc.20100419a_00030_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081038.fits irtc.20100419a_00031_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081147.fits irtc.20100419a_00032_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081254.fits irtc.20100419a_00033_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081402.fits irtc.20100419a_00034_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081507.fits irtc.20100419a_00035_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081617.fits irtc.20100419a_00036_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081721.fits irtc.20100419a_00037_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081823.fits irtc.20100419a_00038_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.081929.fits irtc.20100419a_00039_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082033.fits irtc.20100419a_00040_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082137.fits irtc.20100419a_00041_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082237.fits irtc.20100419a_00042_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082340.fits irtc.20100419a_00043_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082453.fits irtc.20100419a_00044_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082557.fits irtc.20100419a_00045_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082659.fits irtc.20100419a_00046_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082801.fits irtc.20100419a_00047_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.082905.fits irtc.20100419a_00048_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.083007.fits irtc.20100419a_00049_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.083109.fits irtc.20100419a_00050_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.083215.fits irtc.20100419a_00051_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.083321.fits irtc.20100419a_00052_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.083424.fits irtc.20100419a_00053_cube.fits

10"x10" 2sec x 30 images EL=47
Single image Cube
irtc.20100419.083640.fits irtc.20100419a_00054_cube.fits
Set 2
irtc.20100419.083927.fits irtc.20100419a_00055_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084112.fits irtc.20100419a_00056_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084248.fits irtc.20100419a_00057_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084420.fits irtc.20100419a_00058_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084606.fits irtc.20100419a_00059_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084740.fits irtc.20100419a_00060_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.084914.fits irtc.20100419a_00061_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085047.fits irtc.20100419a_00062_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085231.fits irtc.20100419a_00063_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085415.fits irtc.20100419a_00064_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085548.fits irtc.20100419a_00065_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085722.fits irtc.20100419a_00066_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.085854.fits irtc.20100419a_00067_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090032.fits irtc.20100419a_00068_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090217.fits irtc.20100419a_00069_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090402.fits irtc.20100419a_00070_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090537.fits irtc.20100419a_00071_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090709.fits irtc.20100419a_00072_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.090853.fits irtc.20100419a_00073_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091024.fits irtc.20100419a_00074_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091202.fits irtc.20100419a_00075_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091336.fits irtc.20100419a_00076_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091509.fits irtc.20100419a_00077_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091652.fits irtc.20100419a_00078_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.091838.fits irtc.20100419a_00079_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.092346.fits irtc.20100419a_00080_cube.fits

9:21 end at EL=34

9:27 pointto StoneLagw TelMode=Active gs=36 PA=0 Failed, no guide star found

9:29 pointto M5_0547 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- Set IE=-11, CA=-12

9:32 pointto StoneLagw TelMode=Active gs=36 PA=0 Succes. Collimate a few times

9:38 offset 0 30, takeseq 2.0 30

9:42 dice5

1"x1" 2sec x 30 images EL=58
Single image Cube
irtc.20100419.093859.fits irtc.20100419a_00081_cube.fits
Set 3
irtc.20100419.094217.fits irtc.20100419a_00082_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.094349.fits irtc.20100419a_00083_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.094525.fits irtc.20100419a_00084_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.094656.fits irtc.20100419a_00085_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.094840.fits irtc.20100419a_00086_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095012.fits irtc.20100419a_00087_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095145.fits irtc.20100419a_00088_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095324.fits irtc.20100419a_00089_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095459.fits irtc.20100419a_00090_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095632.fits irtc.20100419a_00091_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095805.fits irtc.20100419a_00092_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.095939.fits irtc.20100419a_00093_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.100110.fits irtc.20100419a_00094_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.100243.fits irtc.20100419a_00095_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.100430.fits irtc.20100419a_00096_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.100601.fits irtc.20100419a_00097_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.100738.fits irtc.20100419a_00098_cube.fits
Clouds roll in
irtc.20100419.100909.fits irtc.20100419a_00099_cube.fits
irtc.20100419.101105.fits irtc.20100419a_00100_cube.fits

10:20 pointto M5_1469 TelMode=ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- Just to see if we can see an M5 star

10:24 M5 star in some ACQUIRE images overexposes and sometimes almost not visible. Hard to do even software testing. Will wait for a bit

10:29 pointto M5_1469 TelMode=ACTIVE gs=1 PA=0 Find guide star and collimate. Test my IDL routines

10:50 Clouds roll in and cannot see the guide star. John closes the chamber. Temp= 3.7, wind = 1.0 m/s

-- DougMiller - 19 Apr 2010
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