RFBG Commissioning with Adaptive Secondary - 06 April 2010 UT

Night 18:

Observer: DMiller JHill (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: JHill (Tucson)
Telescope Support: MMidkiff JLittle
Adaptive Operator & Wind Monitor: RBriguglio (LBTO)


Didn't open until 05:35 UT because of high winds. Seeing was horrible all night varying from 1.5 to 3.5 arcsec.

Handed over to Simone and friends in Arcetri at 07:45 to make W-unit tests.


Modified a local copy (/home/LBTO/iraf/LBTtools) of LBTtools so that pointto.cl uses a hardwired wavelength of 1.6 microns instead of 1.4 microns for transformation data.


01:45 Do not open due to wind of 15 m/s on the 2nd level balcony and 20 m/s in the parking lot.

02:30 Submit IssueTrak #2651 Cannot display IRTC gui via rdesktop on lbtdu16

02:34 Runa reports that the wind on the level 10 balcony is 24 m/s and on the 2nd level balcony is 14 m/s. Is this the beginning of a wind lookup table to correlate 2nd level balcony wind to 10th level balcony wind? Wind is from the South.

03:20 12 m/s on the 2nd level balcony with a gust to 17 m/s

03:40 Start up MCS systems to be ready to move to zenith. Runa tries a new routine to flatten the shell at horizon.

03:55 Runa reports that he could not flatten the shell at horizon. He found that an actuator was miss-behaving and recompiled it out. Measured 2nd level balcony wind at 15 m/s.

03:58 Tim and Runa went to level 10 to measure the wind speed.

04:00 Raised the primary after John talked Chris and figured out the panic problem encountered last night.

04:10 Runa and Tim report 21 m/s wind on level 10.

04:39 Runa reports that the shell flatten at horizon. The gap is bigger than usual, but seems to be fine.

05:10 Az and El encoders are set at 120 and 90

05:25 Runa reports 12 m/s on the 2nd level balcony. The shell was set at zenith

05:27 El to 20, Az to 45 to open out of the wind (wind at 180)


05:35 Opened shutter doors. AO Anemometer reports 1 to 2 m/s

05:46 pointto M5_0441 TRACK PAM- at El=74 to collimate by eye. Set IE=-36, CA=2, RX=-370. The initial coma was much less than we have seen in the previous nights.

06:01 pointto M5_0619 TRACK PAM- at El=-30 to set IA = -320

06:15 pointto BS9152 ACQUIRE gs=0 failed to guide. Star is very dim and bad seeing

06:27 pointto BS9152 ACQUIRE gs=1 Brighter guide star. Success. First wfsc image had a lot of scattered light.. Found the chamber lights were still on. Turned them off. WFSC images are better and guider background was lower; guide star looked brighter.

06:35 collimate to 400 nm rms. Seeing is 2"+. AO wind is 1.5 to 2.5 m/s

06:55 We have no more "Bad" Seeing activities so letting the GCS run on BS9152 to monitor the seeing. Its now down to 1.2" to 2".

07:30 seeing is 2"-3". AO wind = 1 m/s

07:45 Arcetri takes over the telescope to work on Pyramid pupil

8:20 Primary runs into +Y limit at EL=70.
  • pointto in ACQUIRE mode
  • clear active optics on primary
  • center with IE and CA
  • Change primary Y in direction (0.4 mm) that limit was hit (+Y)
  • Note the direction of motion of star on guider
  • Change primary Y back to original
  • Change secondary RX to get the same motion of star on Guider (from -370 to -480)
  • Primary total Y value is now 0.9 less than before, after collimation
  • QED

10:30 CV0424 (the right instrument cooling valve) has another "episode", but the loop temperature doesn't change. ???

GCS hangs waiting for WFS image. Restarting GCSR does not help.

11:00 Applying Zernikes to M2 and measuring them on W-unit. (so we really don't want WFS running here anyhow)


12:05 Close Dome as Runa departs for the airport. T=-3 degC. Wind 5-8 m/sec from South.

12:08 stopAGW -u 2

12:12 park telescope at 90/90.


-- DougMiller - 06 Apr 2010
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