RFBG Commissioning with Adaptive Secondary - 24 March 2010 UT

Night 5: Snow

Observer: JHill, JStorm, DMiller (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: DHuerta
Instrument Support:: TShih
Telescope Support: JLittle
Adaptive Support:: MXompero (LBTO)


Night lost to snow.


Stray GCSR socket descriptors - Issue 2626

Chris taught me the recipe to check GCSR's total number of open file descriptors.

  • ssh tcs4 (as telescope)
  • /usr/sbin/lsof | grep GCSR (to see the list)
  • /usr/sbin/lsof | grep GCSR | wc (to count them)

The system limit is 1024. The offending sockets look like these:
GCSR       5277 telescope   35u     sock        0,5          918593810 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   36u     sock        0,5          918586696 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   37u     sock        0,5          918600763 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   38u     sock        0,5          918562861 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   39u     sock        0,5          918565255 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   40u     sock        0,5          918567847 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   41u     sock        0,5          918570207 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   42u     sock        0,5          918579965 can't identify protocol
GCSR       5277 telescope   43u     sock        0,5          918575096 can't identify protocol

In an initial test around 23:25 UT, we get one new open socket (that persists) each time I take an image from the command line: readGuideCam right -e 1000 or readWFSCam right -e 1000

23:42 GCSR also gets one new persistent socket for each guider image taken in ACQUIRE movie mode.

GCSL talking to AGW3 creates the sockets, but then removes them so that they don't accumulate (as we already knew).

00:33 Made a REALLY BOGUS left instrument which connects to AGW2. In Instrument2AGW.cfg I added the line:

netconfig stop GCSR

setNewInstrument left bogusjohn bentgregorianfront

startAcquire left

This leaves open sockets on GCSL. So the problem seems to be with the AGW2 AzCam, and not with any sidedness of GCS itself.

netconfig stop GCSL

01:02 Turned on artificial stars for GCSR in lbt.conf.

01:05 images are saturated with dome lights on. Wait for other work to finish upstairs.

04:35 We change LEFTWAVELENGTH and RIGHTWAVELENGTH from 1.40 microns to 1.6 microns for IRTCBGF. This an attempt to reduce the already small transformation residuals to something even smaller when observing at H.

Changing RIGHWAVELENGTH changes the default value used by PCS, but this default is overridden by the value sent by the preset. So all the transformation data taken through 20100405 still have wavelength of 1.4 microns.


JLittle, DMiller and friends have hooked the AO anemometer to the DIMM powerswitch and debugged same. The anemometer is on Channel 3 of that switch. Channel 2 of that switch does not seem to work correctly.

Tranformation Code

Doug is implementing Jesper's transformation code into his suite of IDL routines. Soon we will be able to do transformations on the fly even after Jesper is back in Potsdam.

Adaptive Secondary User Manual
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