LUCIFER Technical Observing, prep for Partner Science: UT 2010 February 01

Observer: DThompson (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: WWack
Instrument Support: JMorris, NAgeorges
Telescope Support: JUrban
SW support: TLeibold (on call)


  • Night lost to bad weather (fog, humidity)



Observing Plan

  • Correct initial collimation/pointing with IE/CA (and IA?)
    • For TCS SW build 36 (not this run):
    • modify/test ptcorr script to use pcsutilities command (this is for B36)
    • example: pcsutilities ptmodify ca -200.33

  • Check existing pointing model (high & low EL to check IA)

  • Check existing collimation model

  • Run short dither (dice5) pattern to check that things still work
    • Can use any MOS preimaging for this

  • Re-test updatePointingReference functionality.

  • Collect through-focus sequence for Andrew - reasonably dense star field.
    • also check the AGw-LUCIFER focus in cold weather for temp term

  • Collect astrometric field data to check AGw calibration at colder temps

  • Practice MOS acquisitions with Nancy
    • Read appropriate section in documentation

  • Execute MOS preimaging for partnership. Scripts received from:
    • Ian McGreer 9h+18d

  • Collect a "movie" of LUCIFER images while an in-field offset is taking place.

-- DavidThompson - 31 Jan 2010
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