Observing Plan for January 28-29, 2010 LDG Commissioning

Checks before start of commissioning

  • ALERT! New TCS Build? Items to Check?
  • ALERT! oacontrol server ready for LDG (AGW#4)? (Jesper Thomas)
  • ALERT! Telescope setup for Left Direct Gregorian
  • ALERT! Communication between AGW#4 and GCS (Torsten)
    • AGw Startup and home
    • Guide and WFSC image acquisition
    • Command line request to AGw
  • ALERT! Check operation of IRTC (Doug)
  • ALERT! Are there Stone fields available? (Doug)
  • ALERT! New probe transformation from AIP? (Jesper)

Commissioning Tasks

Software Tasks

AGw Commissioning

  • ALERT! Any final commissioning items from AIP? (Jesper)
  • ALERT! Find Hotspot on Guider to put star in center of WFSC pinhole (Doug)
    • DONE Data collected on 091009 (see log)
      • Move AGw stage ~0.2" increments up/down/left/right
      • Take guider and WFSC images
    • ALERT! Analyze Data (Doug)
  • ALERT! Collect Probe transformation data for Jesper for a check?
    • Use fields FCs here:
      • ALERT! StoneEagw 07:04:56.6944 +00:00:25.582
      • ALERT! John's python script ready? (John)
    • Collect data (Doug)
      • ALERT! Set 1: 1001?? (see log)
        • Seeing varying from ??
        • Raw data in /Repository/201001??
        • ALERT! Reduce data in /OldRepository/IRTC_Data/201001??_Transform

IRTC Tasks

  • ALERT! Dice-5 data collection (Doug, John) (get instructions from Dave)
    • Determine LEFTZEROPOINT for LDG
    • Determine plate scale of IRTC
    • Collect data for Offset repeatability
    • 201001??
      • ALERT! Data Collected on 201001?? (see log)
      • ALERT! Analyze Data (Doug)

Possible Task (depending on performance of telescope)

  • Collect data for Tracking quality
  • Collect data for Guiding quality
  • Collect data for Active Optics quality
  • Check for pointing jump due to offloading of M2 (low priority)
    • Guide and Active Optics on medium elevation star
    • After 5 or 10 minutes, OffsetTelescope
    • Repeat OffsetTelescope every 5 to 10 minutes
    • => plot guide corrections as a function of time
      • If pointing jump due to M2 offload, then will see a large correction on the first guide image after the offset
      • Perform with Active Optics in "Default" mode (will see spikes) and in "M1" mode (should not see spikes)
      • Baseline will be to perform several OffsetTelescopes in a short time in "Default" mode (should not see spikes)

-- DougMiller - 25 Jan 2010
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