Bent Gregorian Technical Observing with LUCIFER/AGw:
UT 2009 November 28

Observer: DThompson (@LBT)
Telescope Operator:
SW support:




Sunset: 95% cloudy. We have the vent doors open and are ventilating the mirrors.

03:40 darks.txt script run again. Files: luci.20091128.0013 ... 24 (2 ea. @ 2.5, 5.0, 25.0 125.0 600.0, and 1200.0s)

Never opened.

Observing Plan

Closed dome
  • Test writing LUCIFER data to archive1 /newdata disk (/archive on LUCIFER computer)
  • Verify ingestion into archive, propagation to Tucson and on
  • Familiarization with LUCIFER UI

* Correct initial collimation/pointing with IE/CA

* Run dice5 pattern(s) to check that things still work as in May/June

* Check open-loop tracking performance (rms on off-axis GS vs. rms on LUCIFER) as reference data for comparison to post-Nov-HBS work and this has not been checked in a while.

* Collect astrometric field data to check telescope scale at colder temps

* Check guide star FWHM/rms vs LUCIFER image quality (closed loop DIQ)

* Make new collimation model, implement (optional if it looks good)
  • Derive and implement before pointing model obs

* Make new pointing model, implement (if coll model good)
  • Reset mount encoders (now takes only 2 minutes)
  • Have TO start the pointing log!
  • Check first position in AZ > 360 degrees wrap
  • Use ARC method to measure AGw/Rotator center
  • 28 points are sufficient, more is always better
  • Can use NB filter in LUCIFER, the pointing stars are ~7.5 mag
  • needs stable temps!
  • May need to do several short PMs as temps are changing rapidly

* Take Field aberration measurements if seeing is good (time-series, stability measurements)

* Demonstrate guiding to 18th mag (Tel=GUIDE)
* WFS on 18th mag. Will likely need to set the wfs max exposure time to 120s
* Quantify the guide/wfs limits with mag and seeing vs. LUCIFER DIQ

-- DavidThompson - 23 Nov 2009
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