Observing Plan for October 2009 Commissioning

Checks before start of commissioning

  • DONE Hardware installation (Joar)
    • AGw#4
    • IRTC
  • DONE TCS Build
    • Build 33 for LDG Commissioning
    • October 6 installation on the mountain
  • DONE Telescope setup for Left Direct Gregorian
    • DONE PSF: Global offsets for M1 and M2 and Collimation model (Dave)
      • SXPMIRTCDCollimation.20090506.dat in use, most recent
      • SXSMIRTCDCollimation.20090503.dat in use, most recent
      • Models include global offsets already, may need to update at telescope
    • DONE GCS: Connection to AGW#4 (Torsten)
    • DONE PCS: Correct pointing model (Dave)
      • LEFTPOINTINGMODEL = irtcdg.20090506.ptmod
      • This is the only pointing model made for DG so far
  • DONE Communication between AGW#4 and GCS (Torsten)
    • AGw Startup and home
    • Guide and WFSC image acquisition
    • Command line request to AGw
  • DONE Check x-flips are correct
    • Check that configuration values for PCS and GCS are set correctly (Dave)
      • LEFTXYFLIP true false for IRTCDG.  This is correct for the DG focus.
      • GCS/AGw should have the same pcsmx parameter as for LFBG (confirm with Jesper, email sent 10/02)
      • It should be the same because PCS now talks in the same right-handed PCS_XY coordinate system at both foci, and the AGw's presumably both talk in left-handed coordinate systems as seen from the instrument side of the focal plane.
    • Check with MCSPUsimulator (Michele, Doug)
  • DONE Check operation of IRTC (Doug)

Commissioning Tasks

Software Tasks

AGw Commissioning

  • ALERT! Any final commissioning items from AIP (Jesper)
    • Jesper's Email Several Items listed below
    • Photometric Zero Points
      • DONE On-Sky data collected on 091010 (see log)
      • DONE Collect Bias Frames on 091011 (see log)
      • DONE Collect Dome Flats on 091011 (see log)
      • ALERT! Collect Sky Flats (Doug, John)
      • ALERT! Analyze data (Jesper)
  • DONE Find Center of Rotation on Guider camera (Doug)
    • DONE Data Collect on 091009 (poor seeing) and 091010 (good seeing)
      • 70 Second guider camera exposure while rotator moves from 0-360
      • 20 minutes
    • DONE Analyze Data (Doug)
  • ALERT! Find Hotspot on Guider to put star in center of WFSC pinhole (Doug)
    • DONE Data collected on 091009 (see log)
      • Move AGw stage ~0.2" increments up/down/left/right
      • Take guider and WFSC images
      • 30 minutes
    • ALERT! Analyze Data (Doug)
  • DONE Collect Probe transformation data for Jesper
    • Use fields FCs here:
      • StoneMagw 17:51:10.59 -00:04:28.84 almost any PA
      • StoneOagw 21:47:54.02 +00:00:01.76 at PA=218.1, also 161.25?
      • Observe at fixed PA
      • Important to have a good uniform coverage of the (x,y) space
      • ~30+ different positions
      • Repeat at different PA's to fill XY space if needed
      • Use takeseq to get 20+ total seconds of integration at each position
      • Run "getdat" on agw-control computer to record AGW coordinates
    • DONE Collect data on 091010 (see log here (StoneA) and here (StoneC))
    • DONE Install new transform on 091011
    • ALERT! Test new transform on night 2 (Doug)
  • ALERT! Collect field data for Andrew (Doug)
    • ALERT! Data collected on ??
      • Need good seeing < 0.7"
      • 1.5 hours for 12 stars

IRTC Tasks

  • ALERT! Dice-5 data collection (Doug, John) (get instructions from Dave)
    • Determine LEFTZEROPOINT for LDG
    • Determine plate scale of IRTC
    • Collect data for Offset repeatability
    • 091010
      • DONE Data Collected on 091010 (see log)
      • ALERT! Analyze Data (Doug)
  • DONE Find Center of Rotation on IRTC (Doug)
    • DONE Data collected on 091009: 60x0.1sec @1 Hz IRTC image cube with rotator moves from 1-360 (poor seeing)
    • DONE 091009
      • DONE Data collected on 091009
      • DONE Analyze Data (Doug)
        • Find (x,y) = (162.75,131.5), (162.0,131.75), (163.75,130.5) DLM
        • Image (See log)
    • DONE 091010
      • DONE Data collected on 091010
      • DONE Analyze Data
        • Find (x,y) = (163.37, 132.37) DLM
        • Image (See log)
  • DONE Test IRTCgui (see log)

Performance Tasks

  • ALERT! New Collimation Model (Doug, John)
  • DONE New Pointing Model (Doug, John)
    • Instructions Link
    • ALERT! 091009 (Use this pointing model)
      • DONE Collected set of 14 stars on 091009 (See log)
      • DONE Determine new pointing model
      • ALERT! Test new pointing model (Doug, John)
    • ALERT! 091012
      • DONE Collected set of 13 stars on 091012 (See log)
      • DONE Determine new pointing model
  • ALERT! Test Guiding on faint objects. (Doug, Torsten, Dave)
    • First night when Torsten is available
    • Tweak SE parameter to improve star recognition (Dave)
  • ALERT! Test Active Optics with faint objects (Doug)
    • Will only take data/determine magnitude limit
    • No modification to Active Optics routines
  • ALERT! Vibration data with IRTC (Doug)
    • 10 sets of full frame data @ 1000 Hz (minimum time between sets)
    • 3 sets of full frame data @ 100 Hz (minimum time between sets)
    • 6 sets of full frame data interleaving 1000 and 100 Hz data sets (minimum time between sets)
    • TBD 4 sets of full frame data @ 200 Hz anytime vibrations are seen on the IRTC, or high winds, etc
  • ALERT! Collect data for Preset repeatability
    • Data from Collimation and Pointing model can be mined (see above)
  • ALERT! Collect data for image quality (FWHM and Ellipticity)
    • Data from Collimation and Pointing model can be mined (see above)

Extra Tasks

Possible Task (depending on performance of telescope)

  • Collect data for Tracking quality
  • Collect data for Guiding quality
  • Collect data for Active Optics quality

-- DougMiller - 29 Sep 2009
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