Bent Gregorian Technical Observing : 09 September 2009 UT

Observer: D. Miller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: W. Wack
SW support:


First 3/4 of the night lost to weather.

Opened at 3:45 MST and closed at 5:30 MST

Positioning of AGW stage is still not correct. As guide stars are chosen at larger off-axis distances (with PA=NULL), the acquisition images show the guide stars showing up farther to the right. For a nearby (44") off-axis guide star, the acquisition images show that as PA is change by -5' from the "on the y-axis position" the star position moves left. At PA is changed by +5 from the "on the y-axis position" the star moves to the right.

I have noted in the log the time for these acquisition in various conditions and the acquisition image can be found in /Repository/GCSfiles/20090909. Their timestamps will allow them to be matched to the preset.



JMH: Pointing models for LUCIFER and IRTCFBG updated to reflect the zeropoints we saw last night.

Torsten made to new version of GCS to fix some of the problems of last night.


10:43 Opened the Dome, preset to M5_1133 in ACQUIRE mode

10:46 No star seen

10:47 Wayne put in IE=-94, CA=-43, see out of focus star on lower left of Acquisition image. Wayne removes offsets on M2, change focus by hand and center star.

11:03 preset ACQUIRE to BS9107, no star. Set IE=-101, CA=-65. Star within 5" of hotspot

11:05 preset ACTIVE to BS9107, Collimate start at wfscimage000271.fits to 277

11:13 preset ACTIVE, gs=14 Error, probe position out of range (star chart look like it should be in range) x=0, y=388 (223")???

11:15 preset ACTIVE, gs=15 No star seen in acquisition image

11:18 preset ACTIVE, gs=0 Star is near left edge of acq. image. We are near transit (el=83) so maybe the point model is poor and our gs=15 star was just off the chip. WIll try a BS star lower in elevation wfsc=278-281

11:22 preset ACQUIRE M5_0182 to set IE=-100 CA=-55

11:27 preset ACTIVE BS9122, gs=0, wfsc 282-284

11:30 preset ACQUIRE BS9122 so Wayne can set IE=-109 CA=-62

11:34 preset ACTIVE BS9122, gs=0. Star lands right on hotspot. Collimate 285-286

11:25 preset ACTIVE, gs=22, x=0, y=567 (44"), collimate 287-289 star appears ~5" to the right

11:39 preset gs=12, x=0, y=473 (138"), star appear ~10 to the left of hotspot

11:44 preset gs=6, x=0, y= 415 (196"), star appears ~12 to the left of hotspot

11:48 preset gs=17, x=0, y=493 (118") star appears ~10 to the left and down

11:50 preset gs=22, x=0, y=567 (44") star appears ~7" to the right, PA=264

11:52 preset gs=22, PA=220, x=31.3 y=580 (31",31') failed. sent again and failed

11:52 preset gs=22, PA=NULL, star found ~10" to the right

11:59 preset gs=22, PA=260, star found ~2" to the left x=3.5, y=567 (-3.5, 44.5)

12:04 preset gs = 22, PA=255, star just off the left of acq. image, gcs found and guided on it.

12:06 preset gs=22, PA=268, x=-2.69, y=567.9 (2.64,44.57)

12:08 preset gs=0, PA=265, star is ~10" to the right of hotspot, Wayne recenter with IE=-110 CA=-52

12:12 preset gs=22, PA=265, star is 2.5" to the right and down, x=0.3, y=567.8 (0", 44")

12:13 preset gs=22, PA=270, star is not found x=-4.2, y=568 (4.2,44)

12:14 preset gs=22, PA=265, star is 2.5" to the right and down, x=0.3, y=567.8 (0", 44")

12:16 preset gs=22, PA=260, star is 7" to the left of hotspot, x=3.5, y =567 (-3.5, 44)

12:20 preset gs=22, PA=265, star is 3.5" to the right

12:22 preset gs=0, PA=264.6, star is 3" to the right of hotspot

12:24 preset gs=22, PA=262, star is 1.5" down and to the left

12:26 preset gs=22, PA=264, star is 2" to the right and down

12:27 preset gs=0, PA=264.6, star is 2" to the right (and only a bit down) almost the same position as the above preset (implies rotation is about 1.5" off when moving probe to off-axis star....maybe)

12:33 closed the dome as morning sky get brighter.

-- JohnHill - 08 Sep 2009
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