UT20090627 Telescope Performance Verification

Observers: W. Seifert, N. Ageorges, V. Knierim, J. Hill (LBT)
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski
Software Support: P. Grenz (Tucson)
Instrument Support: T. Shih
Telescope Support: J. Rousseau


Most of night lost to clouds, and the last hour lost to smoke.



It almost cleared around sunset, but then more clouds moving in from South. Too cloudy to observe, but it isn't "yet" raining.

03:15 Open vent doors, run roof ventilation mode

Open (for civic purposes)

03:45 Open shutter doors and turn on all dome lights to act as reference beacon for helicopter landing at Columbine to pick up a road accident victim who badly injured his arm when he rolled his truck. Helicopter was unsuccessful in locating Columbine from GPS coordinates alone. (Columbine is 1 mile due West of the observatory. GPS coordinates can be found in the MGIO emergency response contingency plan.) With our lights helicopter was able to locate Columbine, but decided not to land there in the dark. They went to Hospital Flat instead.


04:05 Close shutter doors and turn off lights.

04:15 Close vent doors and stop mirror ventilation

10:05 Open vent doors and restart mirror ventilation.

10:22 Close vent doors and stop mirror ventilation - sky is 80% clear, but we seem to be in a plume of smoke from the controlled burn to the south. Lots of fine particulates in the air.

10:25 We are somewhere between entertained and disgusted by watching a moth walk across the LUCIFER window on a sequence of test exposures.

Learning to plot telemetry dat

Checking the telescope sensors

We verified that "upper C-ring air" is channel 203 (07:19), and that "lower C-ring air" is channel 206 (07:32), and that "upper wind brace air" is channel 306 (07:26) by warming them with Aaron's hand. We also verified at the same time the corresponding steel temperatures.

Extract the telemetry data

on lbtdu08

copy telextract_tcn to /tmp

cd /tmp

./telextract_tcn streams | grep daq
4751387505.506881       "daq"."thermal computer"
4751468039.377637       "daq"."thermal computer"
4752613029.241348       "daq"."thermal computer"

./telextract_tcn '"daq"."thermal computer"' from 4752613029.241348 > daq.20090627.txt

See additional instructions on the TCS/TelExtract wiki page.

I was also able to verify that telextract_tcn is happy to run on the mountain workstations.

Plotting the telemetry data

on abell

cd /d1/hill/ah/sojun09/

copy the telemetry data to this directory


.r dplot.pro (you must force this compile in order to use the special double precision version of read_ascii)

dplot, "daq.20090627.txt",xlimit=[649.5,654.0],ylimit=[11,17]

loadct, 39


The attached plot illustrates the usefulness of the vent doors.

Note added later by JMH: a few weeks later, this process to make telemetry plots was further automated with the script /home/lbcobs/supportscripts/ObserverSupport/daq_telextract.py.

Example:  ./daq_telextract.py  -b -12.0
command line arguments (maybe not all implemented yet)
 -n or --nodisplay      extract telemetry but don't plot
 -d YYYMMDD or --day YYYYMMDD date to plot (default today)
 -p DIR or --path DIR   put  files in this directory path
 -e TIME or --endhour TIME  end time in UT hours (default now)
 -b TIME or --backhour TIME hours before end time (default 24)
 -l LOG or --log LOG    append to the following log file
 -h or --help           print this help message

-- JohnHill - 26 Jun 2009
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