UT20090625 Telescope Performance Verification

Observers: W. Seifert, N. Ageorges, V. Knierim, J. Hill (LBT)
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski
Software Support: M. Delapena, (Tucson)
Instrument Support: T. Shih
Telescope Support: J. Little


Lost whole night to clouds.


Dave A. did some servo tuning on the LFBG rotator.

Butch fixed the failed pop-off valve that was causing problems on the SX air dryer.

Jim D. repaired the disk on lbtmu304.

John H. toured 3 dozen astronomy campers around the facility.

Plenty of time for afternoon and evening flexure tests with LUCIFER.

Update LUCIFER Collimation Models

I updated the LUCI collimation models to compensate the Z7=+4000 nm coma correction that we needed at the end of last night when we were in decent equilibrium. This means moving M1 by dY=+3.414 and dRX=+36.68, but as we discovered last night this runs us into the +Y limit. So I also translated both the primary and secondary mirrors by -3.5 mm in dY. So the net global offsets are as follows:
SXPMLUCIFERCollimation.dat: 0.000 -0.100 0.000 36.680 0.000 0.000 Global Offsets
SXSMLUCIFERCollimation.dat: -7.010 -3.879 0.000 148.650 181.800 0.000 Global Offsets

What I don't understand is why the coma correction has changed so much since Dave measured the collimation model with IRTC on May 1 when the temperature was 7 degC. Those corrections were apparently still good for IRTC 2 weeks ago. Does LUCIFER bend the gallery enough to change the direction of the rotator axis in a significant way? (I thought we had ruled that out in past measurements.) This is a good thing to remeasure in the September startup time.

I've resisted it so far because it makes the collimation corrections harder to keep track of, but I'm thinking that we probably need to introduce a Y temperature term that translates M1 and M2 together between summer and winter.


Clouds and monsoon showers early. Waiting for it to clear off.

Closed-dome Preset Tests

06:37 pointto BS9170 ACTIVE PA=0 - failed for lack of counts

06:42 pointto BS9170 ACTIVE PA=90 -

06:44 pointto BS9177 ACTIVE PA=90

06:47 pointto BS9177 TRACK PA=90

07:20 back to zenith for more LUCIFER tests

still waiting..............still cloudy. It didn't actually rain until after sunrise.


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26874 telescop  18   0  908m 142m 9.8m S  0.3  1.8  95:53.51 IIF                                                                       
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-- JohnHill - 25 Jun 2009
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