Telescope Performance Verification
with IRTC at LFBG - 08-09 June 2009 MST

Observers: DThompson, MPedani (LBT), JHill (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: DGonzalezHuerta
Software Support: on call
Telescope Support: DOfficer


  • Night lost to heavy clouds, wind.
  • IT#2215: Coordinates mis-displayed on IIFGUI.
  • LUCIFER tests successful as much as could be done closed-dome.


01:45 Bogies were left locked out.

02:03:32.961 Closed-dome ACQUIRE mode preset to check all is ready...successful!

Details (Time in UTC)

02:07 Toutside = 8.2C, RH=19.2%, Wind gusts to 21.9m/s. 75% cloud cover.

05:42 Toutside = 5.9C, Tmirror = 6.5C, RH=29.1% and climbing, Wind gusts to 18m/s. 100% cloud cover (outline of moon not distinct).

06:45 LUCIFER tests. Presets/offsets completed as expected in a closed dome (ACTIVE mode presets failed to find a star).

LUCIFER sent coordinates of 13:01:00 +20:01:00, but the IIFGUI was reading 13:00:60.0 +20:00:60.0. Volker reports that the display of coordinates on the LUCIFER GUI was correct (13:01:00...). Another position read 16:45:60.00. PCS shows the correct coordinates. IT#2215.

08:18 It is raining lightly.

-- DavidThompson - 08 Jun 2009
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