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UT20090608 Telescope Performance Verification
with IRTC at LFBG

Observers: DThompson, MPedani (LBT) Telescope Operator: ACeranski Software Support: MDeLaPena, T.Leibold (Tucson) Telescope Support: TShih


  • Night mostly lost to heavy clouds, but we worked through some of it.
  • Lost 1.25 hours to GCS not WFSing on good images, provisional fix in
  • THerbst worked on DIMM issues (refocus, bug fixes)
  • Attempted guider GAIN factor tests - no results, see below.
  • SW found not to be installed (IT#2212): nedit, xv, Skycat

Torsten, could you please:
  • Confirm that we must do procedure below to implement GAIN factors
The procedure is correct for the previous GCS. I updated the current GCS too better match your needs. See comments below.
  • Check display stretch on GCSGUI for guider/acquisition images
    • INPUT: meanbkgnd, stddev, and starpix in 5x5 for each guider image:
    • BLACK = MIN[ (meanbkgnd - (0.11*starpix)), (meanbkgd - (3.*stddev)) ]
    • WHITE = MAX[ (meanbkgnd + (1.10*starpix)), (meanbkgd + (10.*stddev)) ]
Implemented in latest GCSGUI
  • Always display any valid FITS (guider, wfs, or acq) image, even if you find it is saturated or faint.
Need more time to implement this. I hope to get this done this week.

Details (Time in UTC)

(1) B28 - Test1

On lbtmu42 we tested IDL, ds9, IRAF: PASSED Skycat needs to be fixed (Issue #2212): FAILED

01:55 Closed Dome Preset check. OK

(2) B23 - Test12 Need more info to know how to do it.

02:44:06.857 pointto M5_0460 Tel="TRACK" (12:19 -00:40) IE changed from -104 to -116, CA changed from 6.36 to -8.0

02:51:25.548 pointto BS9149 Tel="ACTIVE" to collimate:

03:02:06 tcs.log for GCS WFS may be saturated image or too faint.

The WFS image is not displayed on GUI

03:05 Adjusting Pointing again (IE=-129)

03:12 Slew to BS9149

03:15:06 tcs.log for GCS WFS may be saturated image or too faint. Again !

03:20 We call Michele for assistance. Torsten is needed for this. Stop observations! 04:27 Torsten called, found a bug and needs to patch GCS. 04:31 WFS working now.

4:45 Collimated Best FWHM~0.67" but many cirrus clouds Tom H. does some DIMM tests. Overcast sky (thick cirrus now)

7:02 copied AIP_IRTC_L.cfg to /home/telescope/AIP_IRTC_L.cfg.20090608

- GUIDER GAIN FACTOR TEST (We take ~5 min sequences)

Factor: 0.9 Start image: 002331 at 07:05:00

End Image : 002451

We try also 0.7 , 0.5 and 0.3 but

We realize that the changes were not applied !!


07:44 Slew to WT10_228 star to refine Pointing

CA -16 IE -131

Procedure to refresh Gain factor on GCS Torsten please confirm this is both necessary and correct:
  • edit AIP_IRTC_L.cfg file (why must we be root to do this?)
  • stop guiding
  • Ask TO to "selectAGW" again so GCS reads the cfg file
  • Preset ACTIVE to same source to restart guiding
  • Take next set of GAIN factor measurements
    The new GCS allows to change the GAIN factor on the fly without interrupting guiding or having to resend a preset, etc. 

08:00 We close due to radar echoes

10:00 Still cloudy. Call it a night

-- Main.Marco Pedani - 08 Jun 2009
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