Telescope Performance Verification
with IRTC at LFBG - 20-21 May 2009 MST

Observers: J. Hill (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez Huerta
Software Support: C. Biddick, N. Cushing, J. Davis, S. Hooper
Telescope Support: J. Little


Night is lost to this mini-monsoon weather, so we have transferred the night to the CentOS5 TCS software testing.


Stephen has started all of TCS on the CentOS5 cluster (lbtmu04, 301-3-4). And we have stopped all the subsystems on the CentOS4 cluster.

Details (Times in UT)

Problem 1 (solved)

03:41 startirtc as LBTO on lbtmu04 (rdesktop -u testcamera -g 700x900 -a 16 doesn't give me a window. Neither does it give an error.

This works from lbtmu01, but not from lbtmu04.

Solved later along with Problem 5.

Problem 2 (solved)

03:54 launch IRAF on lbtmu04 - OK at first.

IRTC> authorize IRTC
ERROR: cannot open `uparm$pipe7539' for writing
  "time | scan (dd, tt, dt) ; dttm  = dd//" "//tt//" "//dt"
     line 39: LBTtools$ (hidden task)
     called as: `task_ID (task=IRTC:authorize, logfile=LOGs/authorize.log, verbose=no)'

...Done! (success)
   to examine the log: page LOGs/authorize.log
Unable to open parameter file `uparm$LBslp.par'.
Unable to open parameter file `uparm$IRCauthoe.par'.

This was because Dave T. had changed the IRAF uparm$ path to /scratch/uparm in response to some other problem last week, (See Issue 2133?) But that directory doesn't exist on lbtmu04. I have changed it again to /scratch/LBTO/uparm.

Problem 2 is solved. IRAF is happy once the uparm$ directory exists. It seems happy from the normal NFS mounted /home/LBTO/iraf/uparm/. I have changed uparm back to its normal location for LBTO.

Problem 3 (solved)

IRTC> !irc GetFilter
irc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

05:00 Jim found the correct RPM for this one.

Problem 4 (disappeared)

05:20 Chris reports that reflective memory for PMCR is having an issue on lbtmu303, and PMCR is reporting the wrong elevation angle (90 when it should be 38.9).

ECS and OSS seem to be functioning on lbtmu303, and PSFL on lbtmu302 is able to talk to OSS.

05:46 Chris thinks that there is a problem with the times on one of these machines, although a cursory check shows 301-304 aligned within 1 sec of lbtdu16.

Later the problem went away without anybody admitting to fixing it.

Preset tests

05:50 Preset with Preset GUI - seems to work OK.

05:56 getStatus, and readGuideCam and readWFSCam seem to work OK.

Problem 5 (solved)

In response to "irc GetFilter"

May 20 22:00:06 lbtmu04 irc[7305]: GetFilter result status: ERROR [Error] - IRSocket::IRSocket -> [::connect] Could not bind to port.
May 20 22:00:11 lbtmu04 irc[7315]: GetFilter result status: ERROR [Error] - IRSocket::IRSocket -> [::connect] Could not bind to port.

Configuration files in /lbt/irtc/etc look OK. (lbtmu04 is still on MST)

05:10 Reboot IRTC windows machine - just in case, but that didn't help.

Solved this problem by changing default Gateway to instead of This is bypassing a CISCO problem.

05:35 pointo M5_1246 - succeeds until M1 limit and CCD saturated.

05:40 takepic 0.1 - succeeds

05:44 takeseq 0.3 10 - succeeds

Problem 6 (solved)

05:46 MATGUI won't start
LBTO@lbtmu04:32 % MATGUI Verson 0.1
call to socket returned 0x35
Connecting to
Connect Returned: -1
Server connect failed. returned 0x-1

06:08 Sent David to power cycle the MAT. (Dan reported earlier today that MAT was having USB issues.)

06:21 Now MATGUI starts OK and can take pictures.

Need to update 483s495 with the new MAT IP address of10.144.0.74 rather than

Problem 7 (temporarily solved)

05:55 Change iifIP in lbt.conf on lbccontrol to (which is lbtmu302). (It was previously

06:02 Reboot lbccontrol to get rid of defunct copy of LBC server program

06:10 Authorize as LBC on both sides.

06:15 TCS connection error from LBC, and then the lbc server crashed.

06:25 The problem seems to be that the IIF IP address is in the same number space as the LBC private network. (192.168.0.) This probably means some consultation in the Norm/Jim/Stephen address space.

06:40 Jim added a static route in lbccontrol for this particular IP address ( so it goes on on the appropriate port and not on the LBC private network port. This allows LBC to connect successfully to TCS.

06:57 Reboot LBC to clean up serial communications with the rotators, and to test if Jim's static route is permanent. It wasn't.

Problem 8

07:05 We can ping lbccontrol from lbtmu302, but not from 301, 303 or 304.

LBC Preset

07:16 Preset with LBC - worked as well as it could with closed dome

07:20 rebooted lbccontrol again to verify that Jim's static route was permanent. Now it is.

Problem 9

lbtmu06 is not in the list of allowed hosts to access the LBC UI web page. It must be added before lbtmu03 and lbtmu05 can be retired. This is a restriction on the lbccontrol side.

End of tests

It is raining outside, so the risk of forest fire is decreasing. This marks the end of these tests until we can get some sky to look at.

-- JohnHill - 21 May 2009
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